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Night Sky (A Short-short story) Please Comment

Something I wrote a while back - please post your feedback Smile

"Night Sky"

I have always been afraid of heights but somehow you convinced me to sit on my roof top. With your assuring words and that never failing glow in your eyes, you made me feel like it was the greatest idea. When that first whistling sound broke through I looked up to see the first firecracker go off. With a loud bang a burst of a beautiful display came into view. Bright purple and white appeared against the darkness of the night sky. You held me. I remember how I used to lay with my back against your chest as you comfortably held me in your arms. Do you remember that? Wish I could have told you how safe I felt.

Mesmerized I was of the spectacular display. Shapes of different hues appeared. The stars themselves seemed to compliment each explosion. “So beautiful” I heard me say. “I know” You replied. Our eyes met and I realized then, you weren’t talking about the dancing colors in the sky. That night we shared our first kiss. So tender it was, soft and sweet. We exchanged gentle smiles. You pulled me closer as we continued to watch the fireworks. All of a sudden it felt like it was just you and me, like the whole show and that night was meant for just you and me.

It wasn’t until I found myself watching the fireworks alone that I realized how much you meant to me… how much you still mean to me. Suddenly the display was no longer spectacular or fascinating in any way. They were just colors scattering and disappearing. They were merely formations of ignited powder vanishing under the heavens.

I think I’m starting to forget you, and I am trying to hold on. Sitting here on my roof top, longing for the security you offered once. I am wishing for the impossible. Wish somehow you’d return to me. I watch the fireworks against the darkness of this night sky. Even though you are not here, I’m no longer scared that I might fall. I am simply afraid of being alone.
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