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Ever heard of JumpStyle?


Here in the Netherlands we've got a new kind of music, called JumpStyle! This kind of music is made by professional DJ's who just make good beats.. People 'jump' on it and it is a dance who every teenager likes!

Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Greetings, Flexx-D
Not all teenagers like it lol Very Happy
Bengt wrote:
Not all teenagers like it lol Very Happy
+1, boring slow tempoo. Needs manual speeding up with WMP before it is fun (like 1.5 till 2 times). I prefer some harder tracks but I like Twisty for his own music style. Ofcourse some speeding up but it got some aggression. I do not want to start one of the many wars out there but I prefer HC.
Isn't Jumping something of Belguim, we knew I earlier that you the dutchman I think.
What do you think. You will say it is invited in Holland because there is the endless fight between Belguim and Holland.

But from what I heard, jumping has it roots in belguim, in here there are lots of "jumpers".

Greetz from belguim
First of all, it isn't important where Jumpstyle is invented (not "invited" dirkvb), as our two stupid little countries are next to each other anyway. Further, I do not agree with the term "professional DJ's". I know for sure that every noob with a sound mixer can create jumpstyle music as it is quite simplistic. What I DO like in jump style is the dancing on itself. If you are good at it, it looks very funny, especially when you are "synced" with another guy/girl.

Music: Awful, isn't it?
Dancing: Cute
I'm pretty sure that's like just dance music here in North Ameica, but I like it, it's fun when you go clubbing with friends.
jumpstyle rules its cool but i have only seen it on youtube i have never really tried it bu my friends think its cool too
I have never heard of jumpstyle, I am intruiged Laughing
So for people who had never never heard some jumpstyle, just click one a link Wink

For the fun (with the simpsons...):

And a little mix of jump (not too bad)

Arrow If you want to watch more video, you have just to look on or on youtube

Arrow and writte Bassleader or Sensation Black (that's a very big events in Belgium)

Wink Wink Wink
I'm a fan of jumpstyle, or better called jump. I was fan before the big boom now, it must be 10 years ago or something, with Da Boy Tommy and Da Rick, Hardcore is to fast and to me it is sometimes just noise, but there is also quality hardcore. My preference is DJ Dark-E , it isn't to hard but i like his tracks,

But that is more commercial jump, Jeckel and Hyde etc. And ofcourse in Holland ther is PatrickJumpen, Im very happy that i"m not a dutch guy. :p . Hopefully jump can break trough the whole world, would be very cool, so maybe a question to the readers of this thread, did you ever heard about jumpstyle?

There was a very funny video on you tube about someone called 'the golden inferno' . He was on a popular show in USA.
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