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I just watched the movie last night on opening night.

Absolutely WONDERFUL movie!! Cars was a bit of a disappointment, but this seriously makes up for it.

Please go see it if you haven't already!
I just saw it this morning.

It was totally the best, it was just plain fun to watch... funny enough, message for the childrens, looked amazing... just plain great
I'm going to see it tomorrow.
I had the good fortune of being able to see Brad Bird's "Ratatouille" this evening and I must say I haven't enjoyed myself at a movie like this in a long time. After the drought of greatness from the multi-plexes this summer movie season, Ratatouille is that rare mid-summer masterpiece that refreshes you and takes your breath away with laughter and joy at the same time.

I don't even know how to begin to tell you all how good this movie is.

Let's start with Brad Bird.

The man is a bloody genius.

I don't want to sound like I'm hero-worshipping the guy or anything, but let's face it: the guy knows his stuff. He served as a consultant on some of the most prolific and best episodes of Simpsons (the ones we all steal one-liners from), he directed the "Iron Giant" which stands up against some of the best films of 1999, then he followed all of that with what is arguably one of the best super-hero pictures ever made... (It was "The Incredibles" for those of you struggling to keep up.)

Now, I'm not saying "Ratatouille" is better than these films. I'm saying "Ratatouille" stands up to them and gives them a run for their money.

The story is both simple and original and that puts it a cut above most of the crap in Hollywood that seems to be neither. I would have never guessed that a movie about cooking, let alone a rat cooking, could be so warm, interesting and fun. Granted, it seemed like once you got into the story there was only one direction it could go, but once you got there you felt so good about how you got there, it didn't matter that parts of it seemed predictable. But these are minor problems and I hesitate to even call them problems, because I didn't really find any flaws with this film. And I was quite surprised and refreshed to see how much gun-play and drinking went on in this film. It's nice not to sugar-coat stuff for kids like Disney seems to be notorious for.

And to complement each character was a voice that matched to perfection. I couldn't imagine Patton Oswalt being a better choice for the lead and I could never imagine that sentence ever being uttered. Ian Holm I barely recognized because who threw so much life into his character. Peter O'Toole was still Peter O'Toole, but that's just another way of saying it was good. Janeane Garofalo was another surprise (Was that really Janeane Garofalo?).

What I want to know is this: What happened to animation? Why can't it be more consistently like this? Adults wouldn't be so wary to go see cartoons if cartoons were consistently this good. Pixar has raised the bar on animated story-telling and they don't soften things to make it "just for kids."
I'm totally gonna watch movie despite it's about rat. I prefer mice over rats, but then again, Pixar
makes cartoons I love, and I hear nothing but good about cartoon, so watch out cinema, here I come. Laughing
i want to watch this too! must stop myself from reading spoilers..
That movie looks really good, I really want to go see it, well it's not in theatres anymore but when it comes out on DVD I'll definitely rent it, so many kids are in love with it just by watching the preview, but I know it'll be a good film that everyone can enjoy.
Ratatouille was one of the most exciting films of recent. It kept the audience guessing and dealt with the subject of wanting to be bigger than your limitations may let on brilliantly. It also kept it somewhat realistic with the harsh reality that a rat would never be accepted into a kitchen.

Pixar has never let me down!
Looks like I gotta go see it! Wink
i finally saw this and it proved to be much better then i expected!
I am planning to watch it over the weekend.

Being a die-hard Pixar fan, this has been late for a while.

Do agree that Cars was a bit disappointment.
I watched the movie, but was inevitably disappointed because everybody else was saying it was one of the best movies ever and stuff like that. It was a good movie, sure, but I didn't find it amazing. It got a lot better towards the end, though.

...then again, I'm one of the people who liked Cars, so my opinion probably doesn't even matter here. Razz
I still need to watch this and Cars.
My friends watched it on the sneak preview night and told me that it is totally awesome. Well that tempted me quite a bit think i'll be catching it this sunday.

The story originated from a game right?
Great movie saw it last night !!! love the fur !
Tim Graham
I went off to see it the other day..not bad, kind of funny. Certainly not the life changing stuff that other people seem to think it is!
The movie is great I watched it last friday^^ its cool what u can do with computers in this century it looks very real
Lol. Cute movie indeed. Awsome CG, good plot. A rare movie that you can see a full rendered 3D environment. Must see movie for those who are in 3D business (and for youngters too!)
Lucky little me got to see it at 10:00 the first day it came out! It is pretty good movie too!
I agree. It is a truely wonderful movie. Some movie channel here showed cars recently. I saw about 40 mins of it, felt bored and swtiched channels.
Ratatoulie though was great fun.
I had watched this a few days back. Even though i won't rate it as the best of Pixar, This is a good movie. Way better than cars.
I saw this movie twice now =)

I wanted to be a chef before, but it makes me love food even more, great movie.
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