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Laptop cooler/stand?

Can anyone recommend laptop stand with a fan built in? I want to have an external keyboard mouse, and use the screen like a normal screen so it isn't as bad for my neck/back.

My laptop gets really hot when gaming so a stand/dock with a fan would be great, I had no luck finding one that does both! Just a few stands, but without fans, and an attachable fan but without a stand!

Thanks so much.
Hi Jaan,

have you given a look to Cooler Master products? They have several different notebook stands, with or without fan cooling... take a look at their site:

or, directly to the notebook cooling page:

Hope it helps.
My notebook is 17" so it's a bit limited, but they have two choices which seem good. I'll have to do some review sleuthing. Thanks for the links!
Have you given look to the accessories page from your laptop manufacture?

Check it out. You may find some solution to your problem.

I did find some new ideas, but none were for 17" notebooks. Ideally it should be a stand/cooler in one.
I bought one from ebay, pretty useless it was. Just my 2 cents about the cheap ones from ebay, they don't get the job done in any way.

I bought one from ebay, pretty useless it was. Just my 2 cents about the cheap ones from ebay, they don't get the job done in any way.
So what does your laptop do then ?
Does it freeze when it overheats ?
I think I have a cooling problem too... My laptop freezes every once a while
As mentioned above, cooler master is a reknowned brand on cooling pc components. It can be a bit on the pricey side too. If you are not looking for any particular brand, then you'll be better off going to an IT department store and look for one that fits your notebook best. Quite surprising that you can't find these cooling pads with built in fans off the shelves in your country... there are so many over here in Malaysia. You can also try to clean the cooling fan on your notebook at the mean time as the heat should have resulted in lots of dust buildup around the fan and it's chasis. Just use a small paint brush and dust it off. Most cooling pads comes with 2-3 build-in cooling fans to dessipate the heat. You should probably check the noise level as well if you can't stand the sound of the blades rotating. If i'm not mistaken, DELL does offer their own range of cooling pads too. Try checking their website.

Another well known brand for cooling needs is thermaltake:
The Mitchell
aye the first thing you may want to do is clean the fan. I was having a little trouble with my lappy freezing only 4 months after i bought the thing. I tend to give mine a really good clean every 3 months now just to make sure. My house is quite dusty so it builds up quick tho.
It would be helpful to know what model you have, how much heat it is generating and the dimensions - with that said I have been looking at a Clevo D900C (17" and largest laptop I've seen) and the universal recommendation at the notebookreview forums is the Zalman ZM-NC1000
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