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Summer jobs

Hey! Does any of you have a summer job?

I iwll be doing websites in the summmer for poeple who needs them, How about you? Any job?
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Waitressing on minimum wage. It sucks, but at least I get lie-ins.

Oh, and babysitting, which is great fun.

I've also joined up with an agency but I haven't had any work from them yet.
Agency of what? Question
I'm going to look for a job after my summer classes get out. Probably something in the fast food department. I know it sucks, but money is money.
meet in rio
Manuel wrote:
Agency of what? Question

Just a temping agency... they have a databse of workers and then hire people out to offices and so on. I think they call themselves a 'human resources' company.
just looking for a summer job too. i'd do nearly everything, too bad there are so less jobs here
Well am making my own web and earning through google Adsense
This June I earned 244.43$ Yuppy and In may i earned less about 171$

aNeways hardwork gives more rewards
I'm looking for a summer job too. But I need to finish my summer classes first like insanity.
I used to clean some cars in my city.
secondeye wrote:
Well am making my own web and earning through google Adsense
This June I earned 244.43$ Yuppy and In may i earned less about 171$

aNeways hardwork gives more rewards

that may be so, but im a student and i earnt more then that last week in my fast food job
My summer jobs this year are preschool teacher and art teachers assistant. Both fun and chill jobs. Last year i painted houses for a lot more money but i dont mind the pay cut in exchange for happiness. Besides, I will make up for the lack of loot this harvest trimmin.
Wow, all of you are going to work this summer!

It is really cool, especially because you earn money Rolling Eyes

I am really excited about the job i am going to have but first I need a hoting site. I wil use frihost of course but I need to make quality posts first, so I am doing by best. Wish me luck
Hye guys, You know what?!

I am going to clean PCS while i get my hosting account here!

Cleaning PCS is really cool and you can earn a lot of manoy doing that.

I am going to clean laptops too!!

Does anyone know how to do this?

lol, i have a summer job...working as a data entry operator at an international information management company..basically a storage warehouse. its completely boring but at least the pay is good. something to do before i start college Smile
Well, today I will start announcing myself, so the people know what I do.

I will do that with some flyers(100 flyers).

Anyone has a better idea than this?
If yes, please tell me
Yea, I work at a Music Store that sells and rents guitars/violins/viola/cellos/etc. I get $7/hour for about 9 hours a week.
kitesurfing instructor.

private business kind of setup. Cash in hand. 80AUD (~60usd) an hour.

so its sweet and piece of piss. although have to be out teaching when i would rather be out there myself.
but such is life.
I'm working with a butcher, quite hard work and it doesn't pays a lot but I can live with it.
I just hope I got enough left for my soaring lessons.
I spend a lot before I have it, stupid me.
the best place for a summer jobs is in british columbia you can very a lot of money in not a long of time
I want to go work at an garden shop.
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