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Natural Disasters

Have you ever been in a natural disaster
 35%  [ 5 ]
 35%  [ 5 ]
sort of (explain)
 28%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 14

We have recently endured a large flood in my neck of the woods.
It was an interesting experience on many fronts. While our own house is very near the river and was one of the most endangered in my community, I was never particularly worried: it's just a house, and as long as there;s n o risk to life and limb (which there certainly wasn't) what is there to complain about?
Yet, all the acitvity and excitement and stress that my neighbours expressed seemed to rub off. I felt anxious.
So I wonder, have any of you or anyone you know ever been through a natural disaster. How did you react? What do you think would matter in a situation like that...
Last year we had crazy floods here. I remember seeing people rowing down the freeway in little rowboats. I live in a desert, was very odd.

Also, we get really bad wind and sandstorms here all the time. T the point where people's property is destroyed. Sad
yup, flood ..flash floods in city cant you believe it ...cause by constructions
Indonesia seems to be the worlds capital of disasters, both natural and man made, in the last few years.

Since the Tsunami there have been many earthquakes, mudslides, floods, a mud flood and just a continuing string of disasters. THen there are the plane, train and ship disasters, I have lost count. About 3 air crashes and 2 or 3 ships in the first 3 or 4 months of this year.

I hope things improve soon.
23rd of December 2005 Poland had a natural disaster, a person named Lech Kaczynski stormed the elections and won the presidential office...
Next up, on 5th of may 2006 Poland has started to be flooded by the crazy ideas of the new Education minister Roman Giertych.

These two natural disasters tear my country till this very day...
Almost every year we experience typhoons here in my place but people here is already immune and or used to the natural disaster that cause some damages to belongings, infrastructures and others, We are even lucky compared to other part of our country wherein they experience typhoon every year and even 4 times a year. It is really bad but we could not stop it or prevent typhoons for coming and damage places and things. The only way to lessen the damage is to prepare and be ready for what may come. Smile
I live on the east cost... A big thing that happens is hurricans. Also we get blizzards and just regular snow fall. We get serve thunderstorms also.... We get just about everything.
Well, for me, I have been through some minor floods. In addition, I've also been through a blizzard as well, it knocked out the power for awhile. Also, once I was traveling and was REALLY close to this tornado. I didn't see it, but I was close and did see some damage from the storm that created the tornado. The tornado itself was either an F1 or an F2, can't remember, so it wasn't extremely bad. I've also gone through a few tropical storms, a couple category 1 hurricanes, and one Category 2 hurricane. I also regularly experience severe thunderstorms and winter storms as well.
I've been in 3 of them, all within 6 weeks of each other. In central Florida in 2004, we had not one, not two, but 3 hurricanes blow through in less than two months. I was without power for days at a time (the worst was the second storm which put me out of power for 6 days). Lots of tree damage, but thankfully, no damage to me or my house.

The golf course that I live near, lost over 150 trees due to the storms, and unfortunately, most of them landed on someone's house/car. Was a bad summer indeed.
there was the worst earthquake of the history in 2005 near Capital city of Pakistan. More than 40,000 DIED and about 3-4 Big cities were completely destroyed ( I said COMPLETELY DESTROYED).

Now a days there are also vary dangerous moments because its heavy rain in many of our cities and Dams are damaged, bridges damaged. Water destroled the ready standing crops. Hundreds died.
Being a resident of the area of the States in which I live, I am supposedly subject to many tremors and earthquakes. However, the only earthquake I have actually experienced occurred when I was too young to remember it. I was one year old at the time, and my house still exhibits the scars from that disaster (in the form of wall cracks). My mother told me that as soon as she felt the tremors, I had begun crying; she then proceeded to carry me out of the house like a football, where she found safety in the once-barren grounds known as my home's backyard.

The other disaster I have lived through would have to be electrical outages, if you can call them disasters. I only remember one really serious one that took place when I was seven years old; a lot of food in my refrigerator was spoiled, and school was out for what I remember to be a week. It was fun cooking dinner on a propane/gas stove and doing everything by candlelight by nightfall, though.
I've been through Hurricane Gilbert here in Jamaica when I was very young. I can remember it barely but I do remember certain stuff that happened during the hurricane how we had to have pots and pans all over the place to catch the leaks in the roof and also just remembering the roar of the wind. Also i've been in a couple earthquakes also, usually some small tremors but also 2 major ones but frightened the hell out of me lol
Never been in an actual Natural Disaster, in the literal meaning, like floods...earthquakes...typhoons...or such.

But the closest were some blizzards or heavy rains in the open field, which made me realize that you are indeed right riv_. When something like that happens people tend to forget about their expensive flat screen TVs...or stereos...fridges......or stuff they'd normally say they can't live without and focus solely on survival.

Like you said, "that is only a house, if I live, I can build another so I have to live" mentality.
Hmm... interesting. I never thought of blizzards as a natural disaster, but I guess they could be. Certainly a common occurance in my neck of the wooeds (had one that knocked out thepower for 3 days this past October (we started early and it kept up all winter - hence the floods this spring Wink )
I've also been IN a landslide... funny how I never thought of it as a "disaster" at the time.
I've just been thinking about that a lot lately. Watching the news and the hype and seeing how these things are played up as catastrophic and disastrous, when to me, in the midst of it, it doesn't seem to be such a big deal.
I guess I wonder if it's me that's gone crazy, or the world looking in. I wondered if other people who've been in the middle of something (I'm sure an earthquake or hurricane are a whole different class of disaster! Shocked ) felt traumatized, or just accepted it as part of like... you know, stuff happens, now what?
I guess I've found a lot of things are scarier from the outside looking in - yet are somehow bearable in reality...
To say the truth, I have never been in a natural disaster.
Where I live here we have many subtle earthquakes, but we havent had a big enough one to call a disaster since 1970.
No floods here beacause it's pretty much up in the mountains. Very Happy
There was a flood in my home town back in 1998, but I was actually out of town when it happened. We lived on a hill so not too much damage, just the front door wouldn't open for some reason.
Hmm..never experienced any natural disasters over here.. I'm not sure but I remembered few years back my teacher taught me Geography that my country is lucky as it is exactly out of the range of any volcanic/lava region.. there wasn't any earthquakes too.. but there were often floods and flash floods..though doesn't really affect the community here..immune to it I guess..
I live in San Francisco, which lies directly on the San Andreas fault, meaning that we are especially prone to earthquakes and seismic movements. I don't remember the incident, but there was an earthquake around 1989 or something when I was a small kid. Apparently there was one because my parents were telling me about it.
Oh, I'll never forget the earthquake I'd been though when I was junior high in my homtown.

the level of the eathquake was 6.4... few building was destroyed and there was a huge crack appear crossing our school building...

thank goddess, we got a month semester break...
I think that the worst ever disaster faced by the world was the Tsunami, I'm talking especially of the so called "3rd World Countries" hit by it. I mean, it was terrible. One of my friends lost his mother in that terrible disaster. She was swept away by the sea.
I had never been in natural disaster... and happy about that.
When I see that terrific subjects on TV about disasters (especially on Discovery Channel), I'm happy that I live far from the seas and areas of seismic activity.
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