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When do you go to bed - in the summer

I am just sitting up here now at 4 am, and thought asking this would be fun.
When I think of the big difference of when I go to bed normally, and when I go to bed these summer holiday days, I am almost shocked Razz

Normally, I go to bed around 11.30 pm - now I go to bed around 4.00 am.

So when do you go to bed - normally, and in the summer?

(You must excuse me if there are spelling errors in this post. I am tired... and Norwegian - good combination, eh? Razz)
I usually go to bed around 10:30-11 during school and around 1 during summer.
It really depends on how much work I have to, but rarely see my pillow until after 3am....all year round.
Not until the sun's coming up...just kidding. It can be anywhere from 2-5 a.m, but I wake up no later than 9 a.m every morning.
2am-3am. Sometimes I pull all nighters. However, sometimes I come back from concerts around 11 and I just fall asleep right away because of all the moshing and what not. xD
It is really depends on the situation. Sometimes I have to be awake till 6am because I still have to finish some works.

I am kind of stuck in a position where I normally get to sleep around 1:30 in the morning; however, last year I used to sleep whenever I saw fit. Something that both of these summers have in common is that I am taking a summer school of sorts. Last year, I took more courses that focused on my academic goals (generally, at least); this year, I am only taking a sport class in order to stay fit.

I remember sleeping as late as five in the morning on the day an essay was due; I blame this on my uncanny ability to procrastinate. While the workload from the two classes I took was not too bad, I could not help but spend time on other side projects (including my personal site, haha).
Sigh! How I long for a holiday, and for summer weather.
I live in Northern Canada, so our days are very long in the summer. Right now, it is 11 pm and still light outside. So we all go to bed late in the summer. Never before 1 in the summer.
But then, I'm usually a bit of a night owl anyways... just latER in the summer Wink
meet in rio
Whilst I was at university I aimed to go to bed before 2:00am because my first lecture was at 11:00am, but usually failed miserably and shot over to 2:45am or so.

Now that I'm home, I guess I go to bed at about 1:30am. I work evening shifts, so I get in at 11:15pm or so, watch a bit of television, grab a bite to eat and then get ready for bed. It depends what's on television, though. If there's a really decent movie on then I'll stay up as late as I need to.
1am here my good man.

Though im usually still sleeping until about 10 in the morning. Smile
Before I had a stable job, I used to stay up till 3 or 4 in the morning. That was me playing WoW all the time. Now, I go to bed between 11 and midnight.
During school I go to bed no later than 9:30pm, because I have to get up real early (5am) which gives me two hours to shower/eat/do homework.

During the summer I go to bed at 10 if I work at 7 (get up at 6), and if I don't work until 2 pm I stay up later to 11:30 ish, I could stay up later but I am normally tired because of work. So I really don't stay up like you guys have, I just get up earlier Smile
I don't even get in before 1 am lol... so I go to bed very late.
very very late.
I go to bed whenever I'm DEAD tired, usually between 12:30 and 2am... and I wake up every morning at 7:45 cause the sun wakes me up.
erlendhg wrote:
I am just sitting up here now at 4 am, and thought asking this would be fun.
When I think of the big difference of when I go to bed normally, and when I go to bed these summer holiday days, I am almost shocked Razz

Normally, I go to bed around 11.30 pm - now I go to bed around 4.00 am.

So when do you go to bed - normally, and in the summer?

(You must excuse me if there are spelling errors in this post. I am tired... and Norwegian - good combination, eh? Razz)

I have a hecktic schedule right now.

We are converting a bus into a camper and we do a lot of our work at night to avoid the heat of the day. That and having 2 kids means I sleep when I can.

So I really have no bed time. I do try to nap around midnight before I go to work at 3:00AM
in a week I will be going to bed earlier seen as how i'll be getting up at 5am for work.
meet in rio wrote:
Whilst I'm at university I aimed to go to bed before 2:00am because my first lecture was at 11:00am, but usually failed miserable and shot over to 2:45am or so.

Now that I'm home, I guess I go to bed at about 1:30am. I work evening shifts, so I get in at 11:15pm or so, watch a bit of television, grab a bite to eat and then get ready for bed. It depends what's on television, though. If there's a really decent movie on then I'll stay up as late as I need to.

Well, holidays or not I usually go to bed between 11&12 in the evening, and wake around 8 am XD

But as meet in rio said, it usually depends, 2 nights ago it was Battlestar Galactica on TV and I stood up till 2.30am *shrug*
When I feel sleepy, lol.. kidding. I mean, that's around 4am or it can fall around 6am in the morning. I'm an insomniac human being and really get into sleep when the sun rises in the morning. Maybe, it's because I feel more relax when I do my work overnight.
I don't really have a set time... I have horrible sleeping habits... Usually I go to bed around 1-2 AM during the school year and about the same throughout the summer... but then again that changes so much... for instance if I get a new game I probably won't sleep that night and then I'll just be tired the next day during school.
Normally I get to bed around 1- 2am, twill probably be the same over summer, I've work to be doing! Smile
Usually around 4 AM. It's a solid time to go to bed. Just when the birds are starting to chirp and the sun is starting to rise.

usually between 10-12 mostly before 11 (AM).
But i dont sleep soonafter i goto bed, i just lay there and make suplended feasible plans. But cant implement because at the time i havent sufficient knowledge.

i think its good,to sleep between 9-10 AM,for health. 3-4AM are too late. Either i sleep that much late when i am preparing for my exam or when my whole family is out to a party and i have to wait for them at home (because i hate parties/marriage parties).
I usually go to bed around 1 in summer playing runescape (don't hate! you know you secretly play it when nobody's looking). Sometimes I'll be up until like 5. But then i sleep most of the day, anyway life's good for me in summer. NO SCHOOL =P
I usually go to sleep around 2am during the summer, and during my school days it varies depending on what time my classes start. I had some 11am classes and 8am classes last year, so I had to wake up about an hour prior to that - meaning no staying up late at crazy hours playing computer games. But I'm trying to sleep earlier, because it can't be good for your body to sleep such weird schedules.
i usually go to bed around 11
and 1am in the weekends, cause i like to party...
um... i go to bed around 12 in normal... but in holiday, maybe around 1:00am. Actually i cannot go to bed so late now... 4am, i can't stand till that moment anymore... the latest for me is 2 only now.. maybe i am not young now, haha.
Since I'm unemployed right now, and since it's summer too, I usually go to bed between 2am and 6am, depending on what I'm doing and how sleepy I actually am. Even under other circumstances, I'd never go to sleep before 1am. I'm already used to it.
I do not have sumer holidays but when I have even a day holiday I sleep at around 2 to 4 am. I am awake that late surfing the internet. On normal days I am awake till 12 am and then I shut down.
i go to bed when all my friends go offline, and theres no one to talk with me.,.,
in the summer??? same as school days.. whenever i feel like it... which is usually around... 4:30 am... then for school i get up at 7:30 am.. so yeah Razz
funny thing is im use to it.. im rarely tired in school..... meh.. but it changes in the summer one bit.. i sleep during the day! o.O
I normally sleep around 3-6 am, whether it's summer break or school days. But during school days, when my class is early for the next day, I try to sleep around 12-2. I can't sleep earlier than 12am.. unless I'm really really tired.
Normally I go to bed at 11:30 but in the summer I go to bed at 01 PM.
Am awake all nite literally...Now that am back home - am freakin out with frenz till late in the nite like around 2 and then go on long drives from about 4...

I end up in bed at 7 in the morning or so and wake up at 6 in the evening...Yep..I've turned nocturnal...
normally i sleep at 10:00 and wake up at 7:00 am
but in the summer i go to bed at 11:00 and wake up at 5:00 (only works if i hav alarm clock on )
I've been sleeping around 4 AM as well. When summer school starts that will change for sure. I'll probabaly get a job soon after that, so I can kiss 4 AM bedtimes goodbye for a very long time.
I go to bed anywhere from 11:30 to 3. Usually closer to 3. Razz

Unless I'm really tired and there's absolutely nothing to do; then I go to bed earlier.

I don't really have anything to do yet to get to bed so late at night. Maybe later when i grow up, get a job and move out to my own house etc. I'll be forced to work late at night, but really I doubt that will happen 'cause everything I need to do I always do earlier so later I can have time to relax...
Oh I didn't say when I'm going to bed, I go to bed now at midnight, sometimes earlier (11:30)
ramur wrote:
i go to bed when all my friends go offline, and theres no one to talk with me.,.,

Same here Very Happy
Mostly online until most people log off msn. (I use msn)
And thats mostly around 1 am..

And also Im trying to get as much sleep as possible because I want to get taller Very Happy
Oddly enough, I used to to regularly go to sleep at 2:00 am and now, I go to sleep at around 1:00 am. I just get a lot more sleep now because I usually wake up at around 1:00 pm.
well for me, i finaly got a normal sleeping time set, but when school first got out, I would be going to bed around 7 am to 10 am, and wakening up at around 5 PM ... this isnt a joke.. I did this for over a month.. but now im back to normal, going to bed at 12 - 1am getting up at 9-11 am
I work better at night so when there's school I usually sleep at 3 am, and wake up at 7 or 8 am. and its not healthy. I got tired the next day pretty soon feeling I got too little sleep, but I can't do anything about it cause school is pretty demanding. Now in summer I sleep whenever I want to. =)
Im going at 2'am to bed. Because othing on TV at 2am Very HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery Happy
I'm going to bed at midnight and wake up at 7 am.
I'm lark, not an owl, you know Smile
Seeing as I have to work through most of this summer, I have not been staying up later then maybe 11:00. 11:30 at the latest. However, during weekends I am usually up much later. I will stay up until my brother yells at me--1:00, 2:00 are about the limits. At that point I might end up crashing on the keyboard.
Captain Fertile
I can go to be generally between 11pm and 4am but the average must be about 1am I would guess.

It generally has nothing to do with the season, more to do with how much work I have got to do or how deeply I am involved with some project. Sometimes it is 4am but I have to make myself go to bed no matter how exciting a project may be, I have to be up at 7am during week days to drive the kids to school.
I usually go to bed at 11:00-12:00 but in holidaytimes i can be 4:00-5:00 in the morning without any problems.

But this has to do with the fact that I can sleep as long as I want to^^

And I am a type of guy who has no problem to work in the night. But there are a lot of people with a ability to work very good and efective in the morning.

So I think there are two types of people. Morningtypes and nighttypes. What do you think?
In holidays, I usually go to bed when it's 2 AM. It's too hot to sleep before that mostly...
Between 23:00 and 01:00... I don't understand the am and pm system so yeah, haha Laughing
what summer! think summer passed us by this year the kids split up from school last week and its been raining since Sad .
i normally go to bed around 1 but if i have friends up between 3 and 5 am
I go to bed anytime from 12 to 2am during the summer, around 12 normally, except I try to go to bed around 10 on school days because I hate getting up early.
Usually, I go to bed around 1 a.m.
I want to go to bed early but it's difficult. Even though I went to bed early and close my eyes, I couldn't get slept early....
Usually around 11pm. sometimes earilier but in the summer never before the sun goes down. Ok so its earily but I am also up early and in the summer thats as the sun is rising.

Weekdays I try to sleep by 2am, weekends I'm up 'til 3 or 4am. Sad
Usually, I go to bed around 11:30 p.m.
i goto bed wen i feel like... whether summer or winter... mostly its around 1 AM
lol i like this topic Laughing I normally go to bed at like 10 or 11pm, but during the summer it's like 3pm-5pm. Me and my friends are always up super late playing games, especially now that we're all going off to college and everyones getting really good gaming laptops. There were games we couldn't play online together for some reason (computers were messed up some how), but now that we're getting laptops we're able to play online.

It's 12:30am here and i'm only just starting my night lol! my mom hates that i'm up that late. Some one should make a thread asking when people wake up during the summer :p I used to wake up at 5:50am and now i wake up at like 12:00pm-2pm lol
haha! i sleep around 12 because i have class next the at 7:30 >.<

i wish i don't have summer school because 11 is around when people starts signing on.. grrr
When I have summer vacation I go to bed at about 11:30.
I think a 2nd nice question would be how late you get up the next morning...
I stay in bed till about 10:30 Very Happy

nice question man

i go to bed at 7 am or 10 am

but at any way i wake up at 11 :30 am and go to bed again at 4 pm Laughing Laughing Laughing
I just go to bed around 10:30 every night. I may make it through till midnight if I'm watching a movie. I dont like cheese.
I go to bed around 00:00-02:00 each night... Hah, and I'm getting up at 7 every morning.
tefa_taftaf2010 wrote:

nice question man

i go to bed at 7 am or 10 am

but at any way i wake up at 11 :30 am and go to bed again at 4 pm Laughing Laughing Laughing

Shocked You only stay up for 4.5 hours a day??
Hey all

This is a pretty fun question to ask.
Personally, I go to bed when ever I feel tired:
If I have lot of work to finish, I stay waked up.
If I'm tired and I have lot of work to finish, I stay waked up till I finish.
If I'm tired and no work to finish, I stay waked up (till I fell asleep Laughing )
If I deceide to go to bed.. guess what? I go bed lol it's pretty simple.
As long as I don't have to wake up the next day too much early I can stay really long...
So when I have work the next day generally 12h00 I go Bed if I do not may be at 4-5am or even the whole night im up...

my town is very hot so i'm go to bed at 02.00 am.
It varies. I usually go to bed at 11, occasionally 3 in the morning.
Around midnight at moment. Seems a decent time to go as need to be up for workn in mornings. Good lady is expecting so will need MORE sleep very soon. Heres to thinking your tired when a baby lets you realise how much sleep you used to get!
Lately, I've been going to bed around 2:30 a.m. and waking up at noon. However, I'd like to start going to bed at 11:00 and waking up at 7:00 or 8:00 because when I sleep later than that, I feel like I've wasted the whole day. Plus, I'm somehow more energetic when I wake up early.
Depends extremely, when I'm doing some digital "art" it's somehwhere round 04-05 am. Else it's something like 02-03. I wake up at 07-09:30. (sometimes later, sometimes earlier, sometimes I never wake up and stay asleep and newer ever wake up again, but it has only happened twice)
kevin briggs
i have two small children and they would go to bed somewhere between 7.00 and 9.00 at night.
i go up with them to get them to sleep and end up fallen asleep myself.
this would be during the week,but at weekends i really push the boat out and stay up past 10.00.
if you want to stay up late at night and have a social life DO NOT HAVE KIDS ha ha only joking
Aaah, Summer...Well, basically whenever I feel tired, and that's usually between 11pm and 12am...

Sometimes I'd stay to watch a documentary, or a movie, or play PC games till late at night, but seldom later than 3 or 4am XD

But it also depends on what I'm doing, if I'm into something I'm really passionate about like digital painting or drawing I'd stay up all night&go to bed in the morning...or when I'm way too tired lol
As a working man, I normally go to sleep around the same time everyday. Which is around 12 am (midnight).

Althought sometimes I will stay up late, for the most part that is when I end up going to bed. Also if I'm extra tired I end up sleeping really early Razz
No different than in winter days. I go to bed around 12 at night, wake up at 6 or 5 in the morning.
I go to bed around 1 unless I have some work to finish… During the summer there are few extremely warm weeks when I can’t do much during the day, so I have to stay awake longer and finish my work. Anyway, I have to wake up early in the morning whenever I go to sleep.
Normally I go to bed at 2 or 3 a.m. I It's easy for me to concentrate to something at night. So I prefer to work at night. But sometime it used to break my life cycle so that I used to have very hard time at a day after sleeping late.
In the summer I got to sleep at lots of different times that range from 11PM to 2AM. It just depends how bored/tired I am. Once I get really bored and/or really tired, I just fall asleep.

As for during the school year, I go to sleep at 10PM or 11PM. But then, during the school year when I go to sleep is also affected by factors such as: homework, projects, house chores, etc.
Depend on my son. Crying or Very sad
I don’t have summer, my sleep time is depended by my son, if them sleep before 10.30pm. than I will sleep at 12.30a.m., if they sleep 1.00a.m. I will die because I will sleep at 2.30a.m. Why I sleep later than them? Because when they not sleep I can’t use computer to do my work!
p.s. I wake up at 6.15a.m.
About 11 a clock I would say, but on the weekends sometimes not at all..Wink
In the summer my time of sleep depends on the situation, if i am feeling sick let's say I would loqically go to bed at my normal time between 10-11, same goes for if i have class the following day. Speaking for my overall summer i would either pull all nighter's, go to bed after movies (normally starting between 12- 1 a.m.), or just go to bed late (just to test my limits). I don't wake up no earlier than 10 - 11 a.m., sometimes reaching 1 p.m. Smile
well i dont goto bed at nitez in summer..happy Holidayz
Shet I've started playing nightime DOTA it's like 3am. I should start going to bed around midnight though, it's really throwing my cycle off lol...
Whenever I want to! Sometimes, when I'm tired, around 11 but usually,up to the wee hours of the morning or even past sunrise!
Any time I feel like it. normally it's around 3 AM...
I started staying up later during summer months, but my eyes are starting to get too tired to be able to do anything in front of a computer, so I try to sleep earlier now. I'd say I usually go to sleep around 12-1am and maybe 2am if I can't sleep. I figure there's no real point in going to bed if I'm just going to roll around for the next hour or so trying to get sleepy - might as well stay up and do something productive until I get there, then hit the sack.
I go to bed ONLY when I want it. I'm able not to sleep for 2-3 days. My own record is 90 hours NO SLEEPING. It was hard but as I have an active lifestyle it wasn't impossible. When you're active you don't have time to watch the time
Unfortunately, even though I go to school in the summer, my bad sleeping habits stay with me. I've always been a night owl, but on a rare good night I (somehow) manage to hop in bed by 1...on a bad, 5am (and occasionally on days where I have to wake up for my 9am Psych class!)
For summer, it varies greatly.. I really sleep when I FEEL like sleeping, but usually 3am-5am.. And get up at like 10am-11a,.

For normal days, like most people here, around like 1-3 am, and get up at 6.30am.. I take a nap after coming from school, from 1430 to like 1600 or 1700, depends on how worked I am. Changes happen frequently..

Warm Regards,
During school it's a boring 10pm and I get up around 6:30 am to get dressed and ready for school. But during the summer it ranges on what I have to do the next day. This past week I haven't gone to bed before 5 am and I got up around 10am-1pm.

In fact it's 5:30 am right now...Still not in bed.
Usually between 11-12:00 pm but I know that in the beginning of the summer when the I'm free there use to be later and later but after a while you get into the rythme and don't go to bed very late that often.
Around 01:00 - 04:00 and sleep till 12:00, never later sorta
my sleeping habits have not changed at all. still somewhere between 12am-6am 8)

sometimes I sleep earlier like at 8 or 10 but than wake up at 12-2am so i stay awake and go back to sleep at 6-8am. hahaha. I think I might have a sleeping disorder.
Utopia GFR
During summer, I tend to go and sleep around 2 am and wake up around 11 am Very Happy

Sleeping is far too vital in one's life to be neglected if you don't have any compulsory stuff to deal with during daytime Very Happy

Catching up with lack of sleeping is so beneficial that I would spend my life sleeping if I could Very Happy

The thing about summer for those who choose not to work in students jobs or others and to be part of the so called carpe diem mentality usually qualify that period as the best of the year Smile

Enjoying life in pure simplicity without materialistic issues is just great when you can afford to Smile
I make a point of going to bed by midnight when i can , otherwise I am just plain Knackered in the morning , it`s no fun been knackered in the morning .
When you need to get up at 07.15 everday you need your beauty sleep , I wish i could stay in bed till 10.00 am as some do .
Still it is such a waste to miss the day by sleeping in
Very Happy Very Happy Crying or Very sad Wink Rolling Eyes Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Crying or Very sad Laughing Surprised Sad Smile Shocked bed.
Usually around two to three in the morning. I feel a tad guilty, because I would like the traditional sleeping habits, but I don't know- it's just so comfortable at 1:30 to be on the computer. I think of it as my alone time; I don't really use the computer during the day, and at night, I really am left alone. It's awesome.
at school 11:30pm,
home before 10:00pm, my home is in the village
I live in the Caribbean so it's always 'summer' to me Wink
uh i got to b around 11 ish...but thats cuz my parents make me Evil or Very Mad Exclamation
Well, if there is school (i am 12) i'm going to sleep like 10:45pm but if it's weekend i go to sleep at 11:30pm - 00:00pm, but at summer i once went to sleep when clock was 04:00am .
how come some people can go to bed in deep night like 4am here.... are you students ???

i work in a high school but still needa went to work as normal.... so i could not sleep later... what a pity... actually not much work in school in summer holiday....sigh....
In summer I normally go to bed about midnight. Normally I go to bed about 10 - 11 and get up between 6 and 7. Depending on what I am doing and when I'm working in summer I normally get up about the same time.
I'll have to say... between 3am and 5am during the summer. Otherwise, around 1am, 2am tops.
This is an interesting thread, albeit basically abandoned at this point. When I was in high school and college, during the summers I used to take a nap early in the night, between 8PM and 10PM. Then I'd stay up until 2, 3, or 4 in the morning, fall back to sleep until about 9AM, and then get up. Sometimes then I'd end up taking another nap around 3 in the afternoon. Not usually very long, though.

I remember sitting up at my computer at 2 in the morning, typing, listening to music, with the television on mute. Sometimes I made fried eggs at 1 in the morning--that was a personal favorite of mine. I also ate a lot of Cheerios late at night.

I go to bed every night around 10:30 now...and get up at 6:30 during the week days.
i got to bed ~12. sometimes 10, sometimes 2
hmm usully at midnight biological clock that hour im usually sleepy unless i got something to do.
Answer to your question.............. Yess, and sometimes in the winter!
In the summer its always different times, normally i go to sleep at around 11, but in the summer if my brother is home then about 1-2 am. If he isnt then probably about 4am. If im sleeping at a friends, maybe 12am. And if im at home alone i stay up all night playing games, and watching tv and messing about with my forum and creating games and talking to people and doing anything i can find.
In the summer??

What is the point of having a bed time in the summer???

The summer is all about having fun
erlendhg wrote:
I am just sitting up here now at 4 am, and thought asking this would be fun.
When I think of the big difference of when I go to bed normally, and when I go to bed these summer holiday days, I am almost shocked Razz

Normally, I go to bed around 11.30 pm - now I go to bed around 4.00 am.

So when do you go to bed - normally, and in the summer?

(You must excuse me if there are spelling errors in this post. I am tired... and Norwegian - good combination, eh? Razz)

[quote="gerly20"] I don't have any special time to go to bed. I am a night person so I usually stays up most night and go to bed during the day.
I usually go to bed at about 11-12 during the sumer. Any more and I why not get up the next day.
i doze off at round about midnight be it summer or no, school or no school. And ya do get up by 7-7:30 in the morning.
As most people said it usually depends on how much work i have to do and what time i have to be up the next morning but i can definitely say that i am a night owl. On a normal basis i dont stare at the back of my eyelids until around 4:00 AM sometimes later if im stuck working on something or if im intrigued by something i found here on Frihost Smile
Of a weeknight, it's around 10.30-11.30pm, maybe even midnight. Weekends, it's a tad later, but about the same. It's also quite variable too. It's not season specific though.
We have holidays in summer time so I almost never go to bed before midnight. And since I'm night bird, I usually fell asleep around 1.00-2.00am and then sleep until 11.00 am. I don't know why I go to bed so late, but I think that's because peace I have when I'm the only one awake. Smile
I usually go to bed around midnight.
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