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Does anybody know how to determine prices...

I have just started my own home based business and would like some help determining how to price what I offer.
Why don't you describe the services you offer so that we can suggest an appropriate cost-range? Some services are generally more expensive than others.

From a general pricing point of view, your charges should be based on the amount of time it takes you to do the job. Quicker tasks should cost less than tasks which take you hours or days to complete.
Well my business name is creativepaperworks. I have the ability to make almost any type of paper item, including business cards, invitations, flyers, greeting cards, and more. Everything is customizable and high quality. I make it all my self, using my computer as well as hand creations.
I think the best way to determine prices is to research other companies that offer the same or similar services and develop a price based on what the average price is compared to how well your work is.
The answer of the person above me is good and I could suggest to check all the materials you used for your business.

What I saying here are try to compute the basic prices of your materials and efforts you used in building that business. Just for example you used an electricity for creating your products you would then divide the total cost of your electricity to your products. Another thing besides materials are the skills you used. It is also considered to make a quality of your products. Just make a good and reasonable price of your efforts and add it all with the materials then divide it to your products.

If the result with be a low prices. That was a good start! Finally, you can then add a little percentage of, let say, a taxes plus your other bills such as business registration and so on. You will then come out with a concluding price of your products.

To make it more accurate, to may try to see other companies or store that sells the same product and it your prices are higher than them, then you are pretty sure that you over priced your products. If it a little cheeper, and you all ready included all your stuff, then it is a good price.

These are just my opinions and suggestion. I'm hoping it will help you more to grow in your business.
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