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I happened to find a soundtrack of this Anime a while back from a recommendation from a friend. The music was so so, but the idea of an Anime about garage bands was interesting.

I started watching it last night and I'm already on the 10th or so episode. It's really good, and the music's not to bad either. I'd recommend this Anime to anyone who likes music, though, if you hate Anime, then pass on this one.
I need to do some research on this myself, but I'm assuming the anime or the soundtrack has nothing to do with Beck, the musical artist?
Hi there everyone,

First of all, no it has nothing to do with the artist
Beck Smile

I have watched this anime and I really enjoyed myself while doing so. I think it is a pretty good anime and the manga continues the story after the anime, so it's a good reason to read the manga Smile

I think the soundtrack of the anime is really great, and unique since you listen to the songs that are sang in the anime itself.

I recommend this serie to everyone, I think it will really worth the time you spend watching it and afterwards, read the manga to know what happens next Smile

Stay Cool !!
I didn't know that the manga went further. I'll read into it as soon as I can.
ive only read the manga and really like it, i think i will give the anime a try next
McDucque wrote:
I need to do some research on this myself, but I'm assuming the anime or the soundtrack has nothing to do with Beck, the musical artist?

Correct. And in fact in the anime itself, when the band releases a CD in the US they have to call themselves Mongolion Chop Squad to avoid copyright/name issues.

However if you like music and an excellent story, I'd highly recommend this show. The music in the show is pretty fantastic.
Revvion wrote:
ive only read the manga and really like it, i think i will give the anime a try next

You actually might want to stick the manga too though, as the manga storyline goes MUCH further than the anime does.
I can't afford to keep up with the Mangas, so I watched the Anime online. The music's really good, but the accents are horrible in Japanese (not that they have bad actors) so I watched it in English dub - and it'll probably be the only Anime I watch as an English dub.
I really loved this anime. I first watched the dub on TV on Much Music but I couldn't keep waiting for new episodes every week so I just watched them online with the subs.

I agree, the music is superb but the English accents for the English songs were kinda funny. xD

And I didn't know the manga continues after the anime! I should go and read those! Does anybody know if the manga is still ongoing?
@Chelissamow: The manga is still ongoing, as far as I know, but I miss the music. This is one of the rare times where I would favour the anime over the manga.

For those who live in Canada, Beck (a.k.a Mongolian Chop Squad) is on air on MuchMusic.
Check the website for the exact viewing schedule.

I've seen the fansub and I loved it since day 1. Full Moon and Face is probably my favourite songs from that series.

Soundtrack wise, I like the BECK OST - BECK than the BECK OST - KEITH, the difference is that the BECK version are performed by the voice actors (to my knowledge, so I could be wrong).

As a side note, I funimation is having a raffle a gibson guitar. Its worth checking out.
Beck is pretty classical. When I watched this, apparently - I'm buying a guitar and try to learn how to play on it! I just love all the songs of this great anime. And the plot, characters, animation - I'm holding absolutely no grudge to all of these aspects. I found this anime interesting. There were some breath-taking moments and also a funny moments. I've almost cried on the end - it was so sad ^_^.

I hope they will make a second season of Beck in japan or something. That's definitely something worth attention. And they are doing the Evangelion again - do second season of Beck guys! Don't waste money for this boring bullshit!!
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