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Tutorial writers wanted

The World is Yours
I have a tutorial site that is gonna be open to the public on 7-01-07. I am currently working very hard to get the site ready by the deadline (had a couple of set backs), so I haven't had any time to write tutorials. I am offering frih$ for quality tutorials, the guidelines are as follows:

The tutorials can be on any subject computer related, any skill level, and any length (within reason)

The tutorials will be given full ownership to myself to do as I want with, however I will give the author full credit, and there is no copyright so the tutorials will be pretty much public domain (this is not set in stone yet).

Price will vary depending on content and quality. You can be paid with frih$ or a link on the site, or a combination of both.

Prices range from 10 to 50 frih$. This offer does not expire. When I get more frih$ I may be able to pay more, if you are interested in some kind of trade of services, I will consider that also.

If you are interested in helping others to learn, then p.m. me and we can discuss the details.
I am willing to write a tutorial with reference to reliable sources on the importance of SEO and how to make your site SEO Friendly
The World is Yours
thank you, I will pm you so we can work through the details.
the world is yours

i will write a tutorial on almost anything compluter related just pm me with what and il write it

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

your choice

ps. how long do you want it to be???
The World is Yours
Thank you both very much for your replies. As for length, please use good judgment. I don't want short, hard to follow, low quality tutorials but, I am leaving it up to you.

Thank you both again.
The World is Yours
Ok, it's been over a month and I've received 0 tutorials!!! I am going to up the payout to 150 Frih$ to the First quality submission. All of the rules and guidelines still apply. Any questions pm me.
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