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Asus laptops?

I was recently looking through the Asus website, and I came across their laptops. My eye really caught the G1S, it looked like a really nice system for a great price. I've always relied on Asus for motherboards and some other products, and have always had a good experience. So, I was wondering, does anybody own an Asus laptop? I'm curious to know about their durability, performance, reliability, etc. User reviews I've seen are really good, so I'm assuming they're a pretty good brand.
wow that's interesting to look for

if you get one let me know how it works Smile
recently I've been more worried about selecting a laptop of how cool it can run
also really look if you can choose different CPU profiles (like max, auto, slow)
and finally if the screen is properly protected & peripherals actually work!
I've actually never touched an Asus laptop, so I personally don't know much about their durability and such. From the reviews I've seen, it's pretty good. As for how cool it runs, I too have been looking for that, but have found nothing. As for the CPU, I think some of their models have it, not sure though.
I have worked with a couple of Asus laptos (f3 series) and I have to say that I do not like them (actually, consider that the other laptops that I tried and I can use for comparison are a sony S260 and a macbook..).

They feel a little plastic and cheap and have a couple of issues (notably, the battery charger may become too hot and does not charge the battery anymore, until it cools again; moreover it happened a couple of times that the ethernet port died... and I could have it again only after a few reboots)

Of course, I can't speak for all the model lines...

My 2 cents
A cheap design is about the only complaint I've heard (other than the battery). Although, I haven't heard any complaints like that with the G1 or G2, though I've heard about it for some other models. Also, the ethernet dieing, that might be a problem with that specific model.

Anyhow, I'm buying a laptop around September to October, and Asus was just one brand that appealed to me. Other than Sager, it's the only company that meets my wants and comes in my price range.
i like this notebook because it is cheap and can play games like supreme commander

Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology
Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5500
(1.66GHz, 2Mb L2, 667MHz FSB)
Mobile Intel® 945PM Express Chipset
Intel® PRO / Wireless LAN 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g)
Microsoft Windows Vista™ Home Basic (+5K)
1.0Gb DDR2-667MHz
120Gb SATA Mobile HDD
14.1in. WXGA ColorShine TFT Color LCD (Wide Screen)
1.3MP camera embedded
Bluetooth Device embedded
DVD Super Multi-Drive
4-in-1 card reader . . .SD, MMC, MS, MS-Pro
New ExpressCard Slot
ATI Radeon™ X2300 - 896Mb Hyper Memory**
10-100-1000Mbps Gigabit LAN / 56Kb modem

PhP 59,999.00

** The new ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 will boost graphical performance, and utilize ATI HyperMemory memory management technology to deliver enhanced performance-per-watt operations. It will also offer Certified for Windows Vista™ 3D graphics that supports the visually stunning Windows Aero user interface **

** ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 - Great Graphics for Thin and Light Notebooks
The ATI Mobility Radeon™ X2300 delivers Certified for Windows Vista™ graphics, ATI Avivo™ video and display technology for smooth video playback support, and ATI PowerPlay™ power management for long battery life; as well as, ATI HyperMemory™ to expand graphics memory with system memory for enhanced visual performance. **

Noteworthy . . . 5x USB Ports, 1x TV-Out, 1x DVI Port, 1x Card Reader, 1x Express Card, 1x IEEE1394, 1x VGA Out, 1x RJ11, 1x RJ45
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