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what did i do for suspension of my account??:(

This post is the copy of the posts in;

last night i was working on my site. i was near to solve cronjobs problems.but suddenly everything went away!!!i cannot log in direct admin or my mail and also my website can not be reached any more.In my website, it says:
This account has been suspended.
Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.

i want to ask JUST WHY?
did i do something forbidden?or it is because of frequent usage of cronjobs??(less than 15 minutes)this is my only guess...
but i used 1 minutes cronjobs for testing purpose.i was only testing if it was working correct or not??after i found the correct code i should use,i was going to change all crons to 16 minutes.

i was really not abusing the server.i just didn't know how we should use cronjobs and testing for the correct command. you can easily see my aim from the posts i sent.(,
thanks to MrBlueSky i found the correct command.

/usr/local/bin/php -q /home/cihan/domains/

and i was applying this command for my files.i was going to complete my task last night, and then i was going to forget about that frustrating try and error commands.i had already said in my post( that i started to hate cronjobs.and finally i was going to save from cronjobs but suddenly my account has suspended.
i am telling all these because of showing that i definitely didn't want to harm the server.
Just to tell you we are now looking for what went wrong. We hope that your account will be online again ASAP.

On behalf of the account creator team I apologize for the inconvenience.
I can't find why the account was suspended, but it took me a number of tries to unsuspend it.

All should be working now.
Maybe you used a script which caused a lot of server load?
It was me who suspended your account. I unfortunately didn't have enough time to log in and notify you about it (I was going to do it now).

You had a cronjob running every minute and several others too. And the cron job was very heavy with a lot of sql queries and probably took over a minute to execute. Both heavy scripts as cron and frequent cron jobs are not allowed. This was one of the reasons why the server crashed and afterwards a very high server load (15-25+), causing other websites to time out.

You need to immediately stop running those cron jobs or I will have to remove your account. Cron jobs aren't allowed to be run more often than once every 15 minutes (TOS) and shouldn't be resource intensive, it is not take more than a few seconds to execute. Definitely no big mysql queries like in the scripts you used.
i am sorry for server crash. and i am ready to do anything for the frihost server...i have post a pm to Bondings about what should i do.
How do i come to know how much time the script takes for a cron to execute.... (sorry to ask a newbie question).
My apologies Bondings, I didn't mean to step on any toes. I was asked to look into it and I couldn't find the reason for the suspension. Embarassed
Vrythramax wrote:
My apologies Bondings, I didn't mean to step on any toes. I was asked to look into it and I couldn't find the reason for the suspension. Embarassed

There is no way you could know it. I should have created an awit about it or at least notified cihan earlier.

@swizzy, there is probably a command for it, but the easiest way is execute the script manually (execute it in your browser by going to the url, if it isn't public, then make it public for testing/executing it once). And if you execute the script manually, you can check how long it takes and also how high the server load gets (check my signature, or the image).
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