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Nikon D80?

Hi mates,

I am about to buy a digital SLR... have you got any recommendation?

I have got a friend living in China, she could buy for me a Nikon D80 for 500, and some lens. I have thought to buy used lens locally afterwards... do you think it is a good idea? Are they fragile? Easy to be malfunctioning?

Would a Canon be better?

Thank you very much!!!
I've been shopping around for a DSLR for a while and although I haven't bought one, I have played with them a lot. Canons and Nikons seem to be about the same in quality, although Nikon's feel a lot better when I hold them. I have read several reviews of Nikon cameras and time after time superior lens quality is always a huge factor. The Nikon's also feature more working lenses because of their age and lens attachment system.

You may want to search sites like to see what kind of pictures the various DSLRs take. To help get you started, here is a link to pictures taken by the D80.
Nikons are far better when it comes to built quality, Canons in this price category seem more like toys. At the other hand Canons have slightly lower noise in higher ISOs due to the larger CMOS chip than the CCD ones used in Nikons (again talking about this price category). So it depends what you prefer, i for myself was goin for the built quality since i bring it to most of my bike trips and sometimes it has to suffer rough conditions. Smile

I am also aware that the matrix metering of expositions in D80 is kind of misbehaving, has a tendency to overexpose in most contrast situations but this is easily solvable by setting exposition adjustment at -1.0.

When it comes to lenses i can talk only about the Nikon Nikkor ones and all i can say is praise, no problem with those. Wink
I actually just bought the Nikon D40x yesterday and I have to say it's amazing. You can shoot all the way up to 800 ISO without any significant noise or grain. It's light, flexible, powerful, takes beautiful images, and is very well designed. I highly recommend it if you decide not to spend the money on the D80. The D40x has great in camera touch up controls (heck, you can do HDR in camera if you want. there's no auto bracketing though, but i always thought that was slightly unnecessary and could be fixed with a software update later) and all sorts of really nice features that make for a very solid package. I don't think you'll be sorry if you go with the D40x instead of the D80.
I've got a Nikon D80 myself..
I would definitely encourage you to buy it. It's quite like the Nikon d200, but of course less complicated and easier to use!
This dslr is very sturdy and I've had no problem with it! I actually dropped it once along with my external flash and surprsingly enough all I got was a dent on the camera strap holder.
As kuyman was saying, you could always go with the d40 as it is cheaper and really is a good deal for its functions for its price.

I personally don't like any of the consumer level Canon models. They are very plastic feeling. You can decide for yourself if you go into a camera store and try holding them, and compare the feel you get.

Good luck!
Rolling Eyes hmm, i would like to have one of those nikon d series, any of them would be good for me really
Personally I prefer the Canon EOS 30D, that's what I'm using. Amazing camera, granted I started with non-digital EOS Rebel, then went to the DSLR Rebel, then the EOS 10D, followed by the 20D, so I'd have to say I'm a Canon junkie, even my small cameras are Canons. I just prefer their photograph quality.
Nikon is a good brand in China and it is cheaper than some other brands.
I'll prefer take Canon.. Smile
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