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earn online degree

do you have some plan to earn online degree free?
For example there is planetfinance university who give online learning whith degree for FREE !
But i would like do have some other website giving the same plan.
thanks for tips, Very Happy
is it recognised one?
I have to think that any free degree cannot be accredited. I wouldn't waste my time.
lol. yeah they would be really worthwile to do. not.
I wouldn't waste my time too,but i waste time now!
i think every can do want he want
THere are just too many online degrees avaible now adays. Degrees are way too common now since it has become so accessible. How can they actually acertain that the person taking the course is who she/he claims to be? How are the papers marked and by whom? How credible is the degree and is it accredited. I would not think they hold any value if you were to show it to a future employer. You could however still learn a thing or two from these online degree sites as a consolation.
Kelvin wrote:
How can they actually acertain that the person taking the course is who she/he claims to be? .

Lol that is really a good question.
That is probably why online degrees are not being accredited. However, I think a little of online learning / distance education combined with actual attendance in campus is reasonable.
maybe if you find a site with some kind of "officialness" it may work, but I would only join to further my own education.
I think first you have to ask yourself: Why do I want a degree? Is it to gain knowledge of a particular field? or is it just to have a piece of paper to hang on the wall? or is it to have a piece of paper to show to prospective employers?
If the first then I would not recommend an online degree. A large part of the learning process is to meet other people and discuss the subject, preferably on a 24/7 basis for at least part of the time. This is not easy to do on the net - you would be no worse off studying by yourself without the "help" of an online institute.
If you want to impress an employer then it is important to get the degree from the right institute. Most employers know which degree awarding institutes are good (and often reckon that ones they have never heard of cannot be any good).
If you just want a piece of paper to hang on the wall then send me $19.95 and I'll send you a pdf which you can print out......
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