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Sharing an Internet Connection with Wireless NIC's

Cable providers in Pakistan get a dedicated Internet Line themselves, and share it in and around their buildings, fulfilling everyones need and having something for their income. Well, it is the case everywhere in the world, but in here the costs are too low and so is the bandwidth when everyone is using the internet, and its becoming very common.

Due to so much competition, I told my cable operator that I would only pay him if he would allow me to have 2 pcs on the LAN Network cable coming to my house. The permission was nonetheless granted, but I have no idea how to perform this operation. 2 pcs, no hub and dont wanna buy one. What I need to do is to share the LAN connection on one PC, to the another without using a hub or a switch.

First I thought of buying two NETGear wireless Adapters. So, I rushed to the market and got two WG111Ts. Now, what I dont know is how to set up a wireless connection between two PCs, each one having the an adapter plugged into their USB ports, acting as wireless NICs I spose.

I actually have the basic idea of what to do, but need the procedures to be performed inside the windows networking components on both PCS.

Step by step guidelines would be extremely appreciated. Please ask if any more information is required.

Warm Regards,

EDIT -- (Here's some more information I thought is of important nature)
Its like I already have a shared internet connection LAN line coming to my house, from someone elses home. So I actually need to share THAT connection, which has ICS switched on from the main PC, with another PC at my home, using the two wireless adapters. I think that the gateway technique would work, but have no idea how to implement it. Another thing is, that the shared internet connection IS thru an ISA server, so to browse the internet and to connect to the ISA server, I need to install an ISA Client on my PC, and use a local proxy server address as in the LAN settings connection in Internet Explorer...


You need to have two NIC's on the PC from where you are sharing the Internet.

If you are using wifi for sharing then just install a proxy server like CCProxy on the main PC. This is free for 3 PC sharing.

Configure it.. its very simple. You just have to make changes in lan settings on the other PC and sm modifications in the internet options > connections > lan settings in the internet explorer..

You will get the details of how it is done and how you can configure the clients like Outlook Expreess and IDA's on this shared system on CCProxy's Site..


Don't you need a WiFi hub or something to connect two WiFi NICs to each other? Or can the two NICs just connect like the wireless equivalent of a crossover cable?
Because you want to connect 2 computers wireless without an access point you have to set up some things yourself. You have to configure a so-called ad-hoc network. You could use the "setup wireless network" which is a part of windows. Both computers have to be configured using the same SSID and security settings. Then because there is no acces point with a DHCP-server (where a computer gets its Ip address) you have to set them up manually. You can do that by going to the properties of your wireless adapter, and then to the options for tcp/ip protocol. There you can fill in about any adress, the subnet mask must be the same. I recommend using somethings like for the first pc, and for the second. Then you can install CCproxy to share the internet connection.
Good luck, and feel free to ask more questions

You can make an ad hoc network with the utility provided with most of wifi drivers. Like broadcom wifi nic have these utilities called wlan manager. similarly intel also provide some of its own utility.

The care you shoud take while using these utilities is that they generally conflict with windows wireless configuration. So dont use both symaltenouosly. you may end up with no results.


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