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Offering 1200 frih$ for web design.

I am looking to have a php website built for my local pub.

I would be happy for is to be made from a Simple CMS, but it doesnt need to have anything fancey on it. It just needs to look fancey Wink. I dont want it to have members, but it'd like to up have the Admin Section where i can Create / Edit / Delete pages very easily.

The tempory site using the wizard is at-

The Pub:
Arrow The pub is called 'The Turbinia'
Arrow The turbinia is a steam turbine ship from 1894.
Arrow I'd like the site to be very warming and to the theme of a local pub, not a night club. There is a link to the ship.

I hope this give you a good idea of wat i would like.
I warm, welcoming site that all blends into itself with the warm reds, browns running in the theme of the turbinia.

Few things i'd like included:
Arrow A shoutbox on the front page would be nice and a latest news section in the center.
Arrow A banner like shown on the tempory site .
Arrow Image gallery, Simple to use. People can upload there photos, They can be checked and accepted in the admin area.
Arrow Aesthetically pleasing. We all know wat a good website looks like. Thats wat i'm paying for Smile. And the ease of editing pages.
Arrow The rest is really up to your imagination of wat you can come up with for the likes of a layout, buttons, menu.

The menu layout:
Home Page
Fuction room
-- Parties
-- Book Now
Ladies Darts
Pool Team
Monday League
MAGS Charity
Bike Night
Contact Us

The contact us should be a simple form includeing:
Telephone Number:
Enquiry: <Large text box>

An idea of my own:
The Banner for example across the top of the is can be any size u like, 75% larger than it is now. I was thinking perhaps if we could get a picture of the Bar at an angle and it wld start fro mthe left, and fade into the background further away on the right. with and overlay of 'The Turbinia' on it.. and the image of the ship blended in on the left.

I hope there is someone here with a very artistic mind, good with images, and php.

If there are any pictures of the pub that you would require, please dont hesitate to ask. I have some pictures already, but they are mainly for the gallery.

If anyone is interested, please do ask questions and i will try to help you with what I want.

I will pay more for an exceptional job that i really like and is perfect, and i will pay you for your effort. If 4 people come to me with a design each.. u will all get paid something for your effort. Even if i totaly hate it, but u've put alot of effort into it, i'll pay u around 120 - 150 frih$.

Do you want it coded or just the design?
I would prefer it coded. But i am willing to settle for a CMS that has been configured to my standards without a member system, but still with admin panel.

I will basically provide the bare site (htdocs).. for you to work with.

If you can provide me with any websites that you may have made in the past that look professional, and nothing stands out as if it wasnt meant to be there, i'd be happy to take a look.

I've edited my post above giving more details.

hey im interested...i have a portfolio on this site

take alook and let me know...
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