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GSIS - Now Online!

Ain't it always the way? Just started to let people know about GSIS - Get Someone In Solutions - and the server goes down. Laughing Laughing Laughing

Never mind. I don't think it was me that did it. I'm sure I'll be told soon enough - if it was.

Anyway, GSIS is a 21st Century Word-Of-The-Web service. Word-Of-Mouth is old hat. Wink

If you need a UK based plumber, electrician, dog-walker, what-ever, give it a try. It's a bit sparse at the moment but we all have to start somewhere.

If you know of a UK based service provider who might be interested let me know via the site. There's no charge to them so they have nothing to lose.

To pay for my time (I vet recommendations) I also sell a few things through the site. I'm currently setting up a huge amount of Ladybird books.

Do bear in mind that it's still early days. Shipping and Payment modules still need a lot of work but you're welcome to take a look anyway.

Here's the link: GSIS
When I tried the link, the page didn't work...
TarsajumaClan wrote:
When I tried the link, the page didn't work...

Yep - the site is on Server 2 which seems to be having problems at present. Rolling Eyes
Digital Thoth
The site itself looks really cool. I mean, granted I have my entire browser stripped of everything, but from what I saw, it looks cool.

Quick question. Is it just for the UK? Do you plan to branch out to elsewhere? Why say Word of the Web, and then just concentrate on one bit of geography?

Okay, maybe it was alot of questions. It's a good idea, and it sounds like you might have something going for you...but what stops people from using Google, or some phone book registry?
An update on GSIS.

Didn't work - no-one wanted free advertising! Perhaps I just didn't give it long enough to get established.

Anyway - perhaps this is an idea for the future.

In the meantime, we've renamed to Swift Books. We're concentrating on selling books (mainly children's educational - especially Ladybird and Dorling Kindersley, but also any other genre (fiction and non-fiction) that can be safely listed on a site that children might find.

For Ladybird we're offering collectible and educational from around half a century ago to present day.

We also offer some other goods and services - we'll soon be adding examples of hand-crafted gift cards from Just For You by Tracey. We aim to have these in place during October so we can be fulfilling orders in advance of Christmas.

Another venture is our hot-foil printing service - Hot Off The Press. Ideal for business cards, wedding invitations and stationary, menus, and many promotional items including table-mats, pens, pencils, key-fobs etc.[/b]

Find us at: (to go straight to our catalogue home page)
or (will redirect to Frihost automatically).

Arrow Please, please, please feel free to link to us if you like what we're doing! We need the links to get our site indexed by Google.
Looks like you have a nice size store running there with already 500+ books, keep up the work. Possibly customize the layout a bit more to make it more original. Also some type of logo/header image instead of just the text.

Most of the mods to the ZenCart system were 'standard' ones provided by contributors to the ZenCart open source project. I tweaked the product description layouts a little but they do still need a lot more work. Some of the data is still being stored in the wrong places for what I want (illustrator, editor, dust-wrapper condition etc). That'll be improved over the next few months. Still, I'm making a point of getting it into the system in such a way that it can be gradually cleaned as the database is adjusted and the php coding is updated.

I also need to make some minor changes in a few other areas. I don't like 'Buy Now' on a button that is really 'Add to Cart' as the former scares visitors into thinking they're making the commitment to buy there and then.

The banner needs some thought.

I'd like to have a series of images across the screen starting as a swift on the left, morphing into a book on the right. I don't want to use a Flash animation as too many people have Flash turned off. Anyone up for it? I have Frih$ Smile

Another very high priority is to add to the back-end functionality. I need to minimize the effort required to list and account for books. I currently keep my sales ledger in an Excel spreadsheet which means I'm manually copying data around. Apart from the time wasted there's a danger of errors creeping in.

Finally, I need to be able to cross-list in Amazon, eBay and other venues - and remove items from all the others when they sell from any venue.

All good fun and nightmares to code - and I need it done before I am selling too much to leave me with the time to do the design, coding and testing and implementation work. At least training won't be an issue - I'm a one-man band!

500+ books will never make a viable business. I need 20,000+ to give it a serious chance. 60,000+ to turn it into a living.

Other than that, I think it's really just tweaks here and there and list, list, list, list, list. Watch this space ....
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