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why was golden goal removed

Hello every one,

can any body tell why italy was able to score 2 gaols against germany in world cup 2006 semi-final where as in the previous cup, match used to end with the first goal in extra time. Have they abondoned golden goal rule and if yes, why ?

Haris Mushtaq
golden goal was removed because it just was not fair to the other team... i think..
Well the thing is, with the Golden Goal rule, teams always defended and defended... and defended!... in extra time because they were scared of losing - one slip-up would cost the team a match. Unfortunately the Silver Goal, and now regular extra time, have not changed this situation in the slightest. In fact, the only team to profit from the short-lived Silver Goal rule (a kind of cross between Golden Goal and regular extra time where if a team was winning at half time of extra time they would win the match) were Greece, the epitome of defensive-ness, in the EURO 2004 (Portugal) semi final match against the Czech Republic.

Thankfully, FIFA saw the error of their ways and on this occasion, I believe they have gotten in right in reverting to the traditional 30 minutes of extra time.
Myself I could see when I looked at extra time matches with golden goal it wasn't very fun. It wasn't more exiting or anything like that. And if someone scored the match was off and I in hte sofa sat there and everything happens so fast and a bad fellign anyway. hard to describe. I was really glad that they ramoved it. Very Happy
'pieman''s right. Golden Goal led to far to defensive a game. Officially though it was scrapped due to concerns for crowd safety. With GG, the moment a team won a match, the opposing teams fan base would often pile out of the stadium in droves. It led to crowd control problems, as well as occasional outbreaks of fights etc.

That's why they tried to phase it out gradually by introducing the Silver Goal rule whereby if a team led at the end of the first half of extra time they were declared the winners. This meant that it retained the more immediate excitement of the Golden Goal but the crowd had a few minutes to calm down before a winner was declared.

Silver Goal didn't work though. I only remember a couple of occasions that it was actually used to decide the winner of the match. So it only lasted one season and was ditched for the full 30 minutes to be played.
Yup, Golden Goal was removed for two reasons:
- To give the opponent team to have a chance to fight back if they went down.
- To reduce the amount of time it took as yes, teams did defend and defend. Plus, I also think that penalties is way more exciting.
hmmm, perhaps the golden goal will come back in few years.
But i think, the silver goal is much better, than the golden goal, because one mistake can be fixed....
silver goal is the way to go. Golden goal was just too unfair. Its really heartbreaking if you see your favourites team losing on golden goal rules. However, if the situation is the other way around it might not be so bad.

But anyway, FIFA has done the right thing and I think they should keep it this way. Smile
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