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vista premium

if i have a intel core 2 duo with a 512 ram and i will use vista premium will my computer be slow, because i think that it wil use aero feature of vista and i have read from intel that they require 1GB of ram when using vista premium?
According to the Microsoft Website, Windows Vista Premium will not run on your computer. The minimum system requirements for Vista Premium are:

* 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor¹).
* 1 GB of system memory.
* Support for DirectX 9 graphics with a WDDM driver, 128 MB of graphics memory (minimum)², Pixel Shader 2.0 and 32 bits per pixel.
* 40 GB of hard drive capacity with 15 GB free space.
* DVD-ROM Drive³.
* Audio output capability.
* Internet access capability.

Your computer would probably be capable of running Vista Basic (ie. without the Aero interface) but you would probably have to upgrade your hardware to achieve good performance.
OS Master
I would recommend upgrading to at least 1 GB of RAM until I tried installing Vista. Your processor meets the requirements, just not the memory.
I have a normal processor abut I have 1 Gb of RAM. I run on windows vista basic (I don't have areo) and it sometimes lag. As I can see my RAM memory using is used OVER 50% when I just talk on msn.
74% when I listen music (and it's not the maximum, it stays to 74% - 78% of memory using).
I think you will lag ...

And I agree with OS master.
Aero might/might not work depending on your graphic card(internal or external). So, if you tell us about that, someone can tell you if Aero will work or not.
I had tried beta version of Vista, Aero worked all right on my rig. I have 768mb of RAM and a 7600GS AGP card but my bottleneck seemed to be my 2.0Ghz processor more often than not.
i agree with everyone else. you should at least have 1 gig of ram before you try install vista on your computer and just to say alot of the programs with vista have bugs and some of thegood programs are sometimes not compatible with vista (ie divx pro isnt) what i would do is make sure i had about 3 gigs of ram in my computer and install windows vista on a virtual machine so you can use vista and whatever else your using. good luck with your computer stuff ^.^
Virtual machines are slow. Dual boot instead. It's easier, and more efficient with resources. You're definitely right about the ram however. Even with 2gb of ram, your system will be looking for more of that good stuff with more than wmp11, firefox, and a word tab open at a time.
hmm good idea... do you know any good dual boot programs? im stuck with a virtual machine but my computer is dual core 3.6 gh with 8g of ram so it runs like a normal computer Smile
You really don't need software to dual boot for you. If you already have xp pro/home installed, all you have to do is pop in the vista install disk and it'll have an option for you to dual boot. Easy as that.
I also have intel core due 2, home prem.

I have 2 gig RAM

and when i watch the CPU

Doing nothing: 10%
Chatting on MSN: 10%
Media Center with TV tunner: 54%
Playing music (Sam): 15%
Loading Dreamweaver: 20-90%
Vista Home Premium wif Aero runs fine on my Pentium 4 computer wif 512mb RAM, juz tt it may be a bit slow onli... but i recommend u to upgrade to 1GB RAM.
I do agree with Animal. Your computer could run the basic edition of Vista. If you could have 512MB more, I would disagree. You can will still run it, but it will be slow. I think you should stick with XP.

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