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Why are .info domains cheaper than .com or .net domains?

I looked at a few domain registering sites, and most of them had the same price for all domains, but some of them had .info domains cheaper than others.
I remember registering a .info domain for $3 around two years ago, and I still don't understand..

Why are .info domains cheaper than .com or .net domains?
The .info domains are sort of a limited purpose domain type. They were intended to be used strictly for informational purposes. There is a lot left to interpretation. Some of the domain registration sites might have a more well defined definition.

.info domain name provider gives top level domains for least price or even some times for free of cost to increase the usage of .info domains.

But when you look closer you can able watch that this promotional offer will be only for first year regisration of new domains only. from the second year onwards the price will be equal to .com or .net TLD's.
.com domains are intended to be registered for big sites for commercial useage. they are the also more popular type of domain as its easier to remember .com than .info
.info are less common then .com and .net

.info domains are worth less. That is why.
Maybe it's because .com and .net are the most famous domain name.
Many people prefer to use this domain than .info, maybe thats why .info are cheaper now.
.info domain names are less popular, less used and less famous than .com or .net or .org domain names.
What do you prefer - to get an address like or
Plus there are 4 characters instead of 3.
That's why .info domains are cheaper.
can anybody here prove me .info is cheaper than .com when registering .info for 10 years?

.info is cheap only when registering for 1st year.. not for renewal or 2nd year.
Top-Level Domain statistics as of 2007.07.31 from
- .COM 72mil
- .NET 10mil
- .ORG 6mil
- .INFO 5mil
- .BIZ 2mil
- .US 1mil
INFO and BIZ were introduced only in 2001. So they need more promotion because are underused compared to COM.

The value of a domain resides in its relevance and ease of use (short, easy to remember).

For any business COM is clearly more relevant/suggestive than INFO. But for personal websites, I prefer to

Many major companies register many TLDs (e.g. & though most do not use them (e.g. is not working but a whois shows yahoo as registrant)

Therefore in general .info Top-Level Domains are not cheaper than .com TLDs (except for promotional periods when some registrars sell them as a loss-leader).
smarter wrote:

Therefore in general .info Top-Level Domains are not cheaper than .com TLDs (except for promotional periods when some registrars sell them as a loss-leader).

Yes 100% i agree with your point.

domain names are sold, in general, for how catchy it is ,
for the chance someone will remember the name, and for
the chance that a person will accidently type the name in ("" for eg.)
.info domain names usually are - and even more so in the past - less memorable,
because they are less famous, therfore for a while they are sold more cheaply.
after a certain period of time the prices rise, as demand rises because
a) many .com/.net names are taken.
b) .info becomes a more famous suffix
that is why it is whorth while, in the long term, to buy domain names with new-ish tld's.

all this is not completly true when the url includes the tld name as part of the domain name meaning (aka "hack url's). an example of this would be exci.te (i dont know if .te really exists, but if it does, that would be a relly good domain name:)
this type of DN will usuualy cost a lot more when resold
Also, they are used a lot for spam - I actually own because I don't really want a spambot to get it. Mind you I can't do anything with it because the guys that I bought it from now won't actually respond. I register all my other domains with either Active Domain or Virtual Names
.info is used for spam like .com or .net.
if know the control panel login username and passworld of your domain control panel. I shift you to where you can get free support.

They are cheap only promotional period of the first year. After that you have to pay the same registration fee just like for .com, .net, or .org.
Now .info domains are always on sale that you can easily get one for only $1 or $2, so they are often used for spam simply because .info domains are too cheap to purchase.
Still, .com is alway your first choice.
My first paid domain was .info. It was only $2.00 dollars (on-sale) for the first year (pretty cheap), succeeding year will be regular price just like .com and other mainstream top level domains.
I have heard some rumor that MSN do have a filter that filtered all .info links. Read it on a .info forum so I think is ture, haven't checked. maybe thats way they are so cheap Smile

Someone knows more about it?
Probly cuz , .info are supposed to be used for information or something like that. IMO.... .net domains are the way to go.. theres just something about them that i like i dont know what... lol... or .ca as i live in canada... and its short. Smile
knatteante wrote:
I have heard some rumor that MSN do have a filter that filtered all .info links. Read it on a .info forum so I think is ture, haven't checked. maybe thats way they are so cheap Smile
Someone knows more about it?

Its not true. I have a .info domain where I get most of the traffic from MSN and MSN live. and most of my .info domains get traffic from MSN. check your cpanle awstats you will see.
To alot of people, .com or .net sounds much better and proffesional than .info.
Maybe because a lot of spammers use that...
I visited a lot of fora banning *@*.info emails and their users don't want to buy them....
I had always just assumed it was because .info domains are one character longer than .com or .net domains.

If it takes that much longer to type it out, then it's that much less convenient. At least, that's the way I've always looked at it.

Whatever the case, I don't like .info domains for that major reason. They may be cheaper, but I think I'll stick to .com, .net, and .org domains.
one reason that .info are cheaper can be the search engine optimization.... what i have studied is that .com domain have higher chances of being on page 1 than .info if all other factors are same....
For example in I am not found info domain, but net and com was there.
.info are cheaper because of SEO and because they get less traffic. Also .com and .net are much older domain types. Can't just keep making up new extensions and charging heaps for them.
.info domains are cheaper because there is less demand for them. Since it is one of the newer endings, then that means less of the domain names are taken. .com and .net and .org etc. domains have been around way longer than .info domains and therefore have more spots taken up. Plus, people are more used to .com so they naturally type in .com after the name when they look for the website.
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