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Is it really that bad to want the past back?

Well, it all started about a year and a half ago... me and my "friend". We were really good friends... he was nice and everything. I really liked him. I met him on MySpace, Wink. On AIM he would IM me first. We didn't always have something to talk about, but we made the best of it. He wanted to talk to me... now a days it's the other way around. He recently told me that he doesn't "get me" and that I'm not interested in what hes interested in.

Awhile ago, well last year... I stopped speaking to him for like 3 months. Basically because I got absolutely stubborn. I mean, he would try and talk to me constantly, but I was just ignorant. I wish I wouldn't have been that way, because it changed everything. All we do now is fight... but it's me.

He doesn't want to talk to me... I know he doesn't. I wish things were just like they were a long time ago, in the past. Is that a bad thing? I'm afraid to actually say everything I'm saying to him, besides he wouldn't even read it or possibly care. Every time I try to say something, I end up typing big long paragraphs and he claims that he only likes short choppy sentences, so he can understand. I know online or long distance relationships tend not to work out so well, but we really were 'best friends'. We were not in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. We were just friends.

He told me everything, or used to tell me everything... just like a friend. We talked on the phone too.

Now... we don't talk at all, or barely at all. I don't know what to say, I guess he doesn't either, not like he cares. I want to so bad though, but my mean sarcastic side jumps out when I try to be nice, because he gets smart with me on the side.

What I'm wondering is if anyone has ever been in the same situation? What did you do or what should I do? I just want my friend back and I want it to be like it used too, but he doesn't take it seriously or think about it. Maybe I'm just to caught up in it or something... I wish I knew what he thinks about it.

Sorry this is so jumbled up and more like a vent kind of topic... but this is very bothersome. It aggravates me, everything about him aggravates me... but I like him as a friend too much to just say goodbye. I really don't know what to do. Wink
yeah i tend to have this problem to with my close friends
every things going good then i just decide to let my other side takeover i don't know why but it just happens Sad but some of they people ive done that to i am finally starting to talk to you just have to take things slow.
just start talking to him and getting to know him again most likely things will not be exactly the same but closely the same.
i hope this works for you its working somewhat for me. Confused
have you tried asking him why he is treating you this way..?
First time I asked along the lines of why he is being the way he is... his excuse was "how do you expect someone who doesn't talk to you in 3 months to act like nothing ever happened"

I didn't no what to reply with... I regret that I even did it. The reason I did was because I liked him chasing after me, trying to talk to me and I wouldn't answer... but I guess it went to far.
well you gotta move on, or realy clear the air, you can't hang on to the past, cause that will just mess you up.
Azmo wrote:
well you gotta move on, or realy clear the air, you can't hang on to the past, cause that will just mess you up.

I agree, time to move on my friend. It didnt work out, too bad, better luck next time.
Just remenber the good times you had and let the rest go. You will find someone else dont worry Smile
everyone has someone out there for them... this isnt meant for you so move on. and time will heal the wounds.
Thanks everyone, I guess I will have to. It's hard to forget, but I can do it. Thanks again for all the replys!
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