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Intel Conroe Core 2 Duo -vs- AMD Quad (2x FX74 Dual Cores)

Over the last two week from two Lan party I have won the best of Intel and the best of AMD. From the Intel LanFest: Sacramento I won the QX6700 (Quad Core CPU w/ 8 Mb of cache), From the Showdown II Lan (which really sucked other than winning) I won the 680a Asus mobo w/ two OEM FX74 dual cores. Because I am so poor, I have sold both because as much as I want the best out there I believe in actually only owning the second best because of price wise. And also to help fund my schooling. So we (my brother SilentDeath and I) won the Supreme Commander tourney and both got these AMD setups, he kept his. Due to overwhelming request by fellow lanners we had a bench off between My Conroe system and his new AMD system.

So here is what happen just remember, I'm running the fast clock at 3.6Ghz (Overclocked from the stock of 2.4Ghz) but only have a dual core. Silent is running at only 3.0Ghz but has 4 cores. Most of the benches show this because they only test one core or two at the most, only a few tested all cores, and Silent won thoese benchs but not but a whole lot. Both Silent's and my system other than the CPU are the same, both have nforce 680 Mobos, almost the same Graphics card, same ram, same 22inch moniter, (not for long Silent won a 37inch LCD from Showdown too), and so on. So here we go:

SilentDeath’s Machine

2x AMD Athalon 64 FX-74s 3GHz
2x Zalman 9700 CPU cooler
2GB DDR2 800MHz (2x 1GB sticks) in dual channel mode
XFX 7900 GS 256Mb
120GB WD HD IDE, 250GB WD HD Sata
Zalman cooler on GPU
500 Watt cooler master
22” Westinghouse monitor Resolution 1680x1050
G-15 Keyboard
G5 Mouse
Windows XP SP2
Onboard sound
XION Ultimate Engineering XON-002 Black/Silver SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
User SilentDeath (Showdown II - Supreme Commander Winner!)

MB and CPUs current retail value $1,200
What paid $0

ForceRun's Machine

Intel Conroe E6600 4Mb Core 2 Duo OC to 3.6Ghz
Zalman 9700 CPU cooler
DDR2 800 (PC6400) GEIL 4-4-4-12
680i EVGA nforce 6 mobo (9.53 Driver)
GeForce 7900GT, Stock cooler and clocks (94.24 Driver)
SB Creative X-Fi F Pro (Later)
System HD 320 ide Drive Western Digital
Data Sata 3 1 Tb (4 x 250 Gb Drves) Western Digital
16x DVD burner
510 Watt Pure Power PC&C PSU (650Watt)
Dual moniters: 22inch Sceptre 1680x1050 LCD and 19inch Mag 1280x1024
Windows XP SP2 w/ Latest and Greatest Updates
Case Thermaltake Aquila Black (3x 120mm Fans and 1x 92mm Fan) all air cooling.
G-15 Keyboard
G5 Mouse
User ForceRun (Showdown II - Supreme Commander Winner!)

MB and CPU Current Retail price $450
What paid $320

The first round


Tester : ForceRun

Processor : Bob 2 Duo
MHz : 3600
Number of CPUs : 2
Operating System : WinXP - Latest

Graphics Card : 7900GT - Stock
Resolution : <fill>
Color Depth : <fill>


Rendering (Single CPU): 597 CB-CPU
Rendering (Multiple CPU): 1107 CB-CPU

Multiprocessor Speedup: 1.85

Shading (CINEMA 4D) : 702 CB-GFX
Shading (OpenGL Software Lighting) : 2040 CB-GFX
Shading (OpenGL Hardware Lighting) : 3320 CB-GFX

OpenGL Speedup: 4.73



Tester : SilentDeath

Processor : Silent
MHz : 3000
Number of CPUs : 4
Operating System : Win XP SP2

Graphics Card : XFX 7900 GS
Resolution : <fill>
Color Depth : <fill>


Rendering (Single CPU): 438 CB-CPU
Rendering (Multiple CPU): 1338 CB-CPU

Multiprocessor Speedup: 3.05

Shading (CINEMA 4D) : 488 CB-GFX
Shading (OpenGL Software Lighting) : 2038 CB-GFX
Shading (OpenGL Hardware Lighting) : 2884 CB-GFX

OpenGL Speedup: 5.91


And just because we could, we benched our dads Mac Pro.
Total cost around $3,000 + ( like another $3,000 for Software)


Tested : Mac Pro

Processor : 2x Dual Core Intel Xeon
MHz : 3000
Number of CPUs : 4
Operating System : OS X

Graphics Card : 7300
Resolution : <fill>
Color Depth : <fill>


Rendering (Single CPU): 494 CB-CPU
Rendering (Multiple CPU): 1560 CB-CPU

Shading (CINEMA 4D) : 589 CB-GFX
Shading (OpenGL Software Lighting) : 2325 CB-GFX
Shading (OpenGL Hardware Lighting) : 4685 CB-GFX

OpenGL Speedup: 7.96

The winner is the Conroe in Single CPU and all of Shading
the FX74s only get the prize for Multiple CPU
And the Mac beats us all, but still has no games to play so is worthless, lol

Second Round SiSoft Sandra XI

ForceRun's scores

CPU Arithmetic
Dhrystone ALU 32983 MIPS
Whetstone iSSE3 22839 MFLOPS
Higher = Better

Processor Multi-Media
Integer x4 aEMMX/aSSE 198339 it/s
Floating-Point x4 iSSE2 107538 it/s
Higher is better

Multi-Core Efficiency
inter-Core Bandwidth 8572 MB/s (Better if Higher)
Inter- Core Latency 93ns (lower is Better)

Power Management Efficiency
ALU Performance (Dhrystone MIPS) 12806 (Higher is better)

Memory Bandwidth (DDR2 800)
RAM Bandwidth Int Buff'd iSSE2 7508 MB/s
RAM Bandwidth Float Buff'd iSSE2 7523 MB/s

Memory Latency (Cache)
Memory Latency (Random Access) 66ns
Speed Factor 78.3

Memory Latency (Linear Access) 8ns
Speed Factor 9.9

Cache and Memory
Combined Index 21383 MB/s Higher = Better
Speed Factor 82.1 Lower=Better

SilentDeath's Scores

Processor Arithmetic
Dhrystone ALU 41177 MIPS
iSSe3 36844 MFLOPs
Higher is better

Processor Multi-Media
Integer x4 aEMMX/aSSE 112951 it/s
Floating-Point x4 iSSE2 124434 it/s
Higher is better

Mulit-Core Efficiency
Inter-Core Bandwidth 3260 MB/s
Higher is better
Inter-Core Latency 94 ns
Lower is better

Power Managment Efficiency
ALU Performance (Dhrystone MIPS) 22685
PowerEffciency 1.77
Higher is better

Memory Bandwidth
RAM Bandwidth Int Buff'd iSSE2 5909 MB/s
RAM Bandwidth Float Buff'd iSSE2 5905 MB/s
Higher is better

Memory Latency
Memory Latency (Random Access) 150 ns
Speed Factor 148.9

Memory Lateny (Linear Access) 33 ns
Speed Factor 32
Lower is better

Cache and Memory
Combined Index 18461 MB/s
Higher is better
Speed Factor 24.4
Lower is better

Round 3 Games

Supreme Commander (/map PerfTest)
Resolution 1680x1050
Fidelity Presets High

ForceRun's score
Supreme Commander
Logged frames : 7826
SupComMark (sim) : 9023
SupComMark (render) : 6098
SupComMark (composite) : 15121
FPS calls[ 7826] min[ 5.80] max[ 58.27] avg[ 24.812]

SilentDeath's score
Supreme Commander
Resolution 1680x1050 (60)Hrz Refresh rate
Fidelity Presets High

Logged frames : 7535
SupComMark (sim) : 8732
SupComMark (render) : 5886
SupComMark (composite) : 14618
Higher is better

FPS calls[ 7535] min[ 5.71] max[ 54.23] avg[ 23.312]

Company of Heroes patch 1.70
Resolution 1680x1050
Everything off/low

Avg: 59.5 fps
Max 60.1 fps
Min 41.7 fps

Avg 59.4 fps
Max 60.0 fps
Min 40.8 fps

Everything Maxed (DX9)

Avg: 25.5 fps
Max 59.7 fps
Min 3.9 fps

Avg 25.9 fps
Max 59.7 fps
Min 10.6 fps

Automatic Settings

Avg: 33.4 fps
Max 59.8 fps
Min 9.7 fps


Avg 33.6 fps
Max 59.8 fps
Min 16.2 fps

Counter Strike: Source

Counter Strike: Source
Resolution 1680x1050
MD High, TD High, SD High
WD Reflect All, SD High, CC Enabled
AA mode 2x MSAA, FM Antisotropic 4x, WFVS Disabled
HDR Full

ForceRun 129.25 fps
SilentDeath 139.80 fps

MAX settings

ForceRun 110.83 fps
SilentDeath 118.51 fps

Min settings
ForceRun 283.51 fps
SilentDeath 191.45 fps

Half Life 2: Lost Coast
Resolution 1680x1050
Default settings

ForceRun 133.88 fps
SilentDeath 123.49 fps


ForceRun 110.62 fps
SilentDeath 94.64 fps


ForceRun 201.21 fps
SilentDeath 137.93 fps

TrackMania Nations
Resolution 1680x1050

Current 86.4 fps
Auto 87.3 fps
Min 606 fps
Low 485 fps
Med 251 fps
High 91.4 fps
Very high 87.2 fps

Current 77.8 fps
Automatic 78.7 fps
Minimum Quality 402 fps
Low Quality 345 fps
Medium Quality 218 fps
High Quality 81.8 fps
VeryHigh Quality 77.5 fps

FairUse Wizard 2 (Full verson)
Recode to Xvid 2 passes 700Mb
Lord of the Rings Return of the King ED Retail DL DVD Disk 2

ForceRun's comp
Max 224fps - 47:41 Total time to recode.

SilentDeath's comp
Max 156fps - 1:06:10 Total time to recode.

3Dmark 06
Default Settings

3D marks 06
Total 5304
SM2.0 2023
GT1 16.392 FPS
GT2 17.319 FPS
HDR/SM3.0 2000
HDR1 17.860
HDR2 22.131
CPU : 3079

3DMark Score: 5721
SM2.0 Score: 2186
GT1 - Return To Proxycon 17.635 fps
GT2 - Firefly Forest 18.796 fps
HDR/SM3.0 Score 2141
HDR1 - Canyon Flight 18.939 fps
HDR2 - Deep Freeze 23.878 fps
CPU Score: 3404
CPU1 - Red Valley 1.138 fps
CPU2 - Red Valley 1.630 fps

3Dmark 05
Default Settings

Total 9398
GT1 43.0FPS
GT2 28.1 FPS
GT3 43.9 FPS
CPU 10760
CUp 1 6.1
CPU 2 8.5

3Dmark Score: 9710
GT1 - Return To Proxycon 42.4 fps
GT2 - Firefly Forest 29.5 fps
GT3 - Canyon flight 46.9 fps
CPU Score: 6746
CPU Test 1 2.8 fps
CPU Test 2 7.3 fps

I'm going to try putting it into excel so that it is easier to read
Rolling Eyes

guess what i learned is when it was 2 core vs 4 core silent won, but not 1 to 2 score more like I was only a core or maybe a 1/2 a core behind in score. when it came up to real world apps like game and recoding my Conroe rocked all by at least 5% to 10%. Considering the QX6700 beats my Conroe if OC in most score, although not by much. I declare Intel the unchanged winner.

Also consider my Conroe only cost me $320 ( I got the mobo free, but the CPU price has dropped sence I bought it in Dec o6) and the normal retail for the mobo and cpu is $450 compared to the $1200 for the AMD setup. Intel wins again. The conroe uses less power, runs at least 10 C cooler (useing same coolers), and it overclocks like crazy (upto and pass 4Ghz w/ water cooling), the Conroe is the best. I think it is funny that over the last two weeks I have owned both the most exterm Intel (well very close QX6700) system and the AMD (2x FX74), it hasn't made me any happier, but has made me richer (less dirt poor). I would like to try out both are systems on Vista with 64bit support and Dual Core+ support from the OS. But Vista just sucks right now, and so far from what I have sence everything run about 15% slower. I own Home Pre. but don't use it because it won't load up my raid drivers, and I use Vista Ulimate for about half a month. I do like so of the new stuff, but drivers just suck to much.
That is a pretty sweet setup.

Right now I've got a Dell Precision M90 notebook with WUXGA 19" screen, with 2.16 ghz duo core/2gb ddr2 ram/nvidia quadro 2500m 512mb vid card...

I'll try my hand with a custom build in the future. Will probably go 64bit for the extra 4gb of ram.

Again, really nice setups.
Yea really nice setups indeed. You can get a quad core 6600 intel w 680 lt mobo at for $500. Good deal
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