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Wimbledon 2007

Wimbledon first round latest:
C MOYA (Sp) 25 v T Henman (GB) *


* denotes server



1730 BST: Breaking news from the tournament referee's bolthole - play will resume at 1845 BST. It's stopped raining, but apparently the courts are a little slippy.

1759 BST: Heavier sighs, heavier splots - it's now raining properly again. You've got to love the English summer - as reliable as a 1973 Skoda.

1745 BST: They should be - but they're not. They got as far as the entrance to the court, felt a few splots of rain on their upturned faces and turned on their heels. The covers are whistled back on. Sigh.

1734 BST: It's good news - the covers are off and the net is up, so play seems set to resume shortly. Grab yourself a quick beverage and the chaps should be warming up by the time you're back.

Alas - the umbrellas sprout in the unprotected seats, and the umpire calls a husky halt. The players dash for the locker-room and the covers are pulled on by the scampering ball-boys. Doesn't look like a major delay, but I'd give it at least 10 minutes. I'll have a word with the BBC meterologist crew and keep you posted.

Moya 3-5 Henman
Moya hangs on as Henman puts an attempted pass into the net. Squeaky cheek time now, and Mrs H toys nervously with her laminated VIP pass.

Moya 2-5 Henman
Moya's gone as appeal-crazy as Shane Warne at the MCG - he asks Hawk-Eye to dig him out of another hole, only to be rebuffed once again to raucous cheers from the patriots in the crowd. Henman moves to within one game of the set.

Moya 2-4 Henman
Relief for Moya as Henman's groundstrokes are drawn to the net like papparazi to an intoxicated Jade Goody.

"Hard to remember when Henman last looked so comfortable in his first match at Wimbledon." BBC TV's Andrew Castle

Moya 1-4 Henman
Confident applause ringing out now as the Henman serve fires to allow him to hold to love. Still feels strange to look up and see Centre Court without a roof - it's like meeting an old pal for a drink, only to find he's gone completely bald since you last saw him.

Moya 1-3 Henman
A dream of a drop volley from Henman sets up two break points, only for Moya to produce a mirror-image himself to save the first and a crisp forehand deep into the backhand corner to save the second. The first chorus of "Go on Tim!"s rings out as Moya is rebuffed by Hawk-Eye after asking for a first serve saver, and Henman then clips a backhand down the line to keep the pressure on. Moya gulps nervously and then dumps two forehands into the net - and Henman has his break.

Moya 1-2 Henman
Nice from Timbo, showing some feisty aggression and coming to the net to pop away a tasty volley. He jogs back to his chair, ruffles his brush-like hair with a Wimbledon towel and sips reflectively from an old squash bottle filled with water.

Moya 1-1 Henman
The home-town favourite has a glimmer at 15-30, only for the headband-wearing Moya to turn up the gas and sizzle in two spicy first serves to level things up. Moya has a Celtic band-style tattoo around his right bicep, which probably looked great for about three months back in 1997 until every Tom, Dick and Sporty Spice got one too.

Moya 0-1 Henman
Roars from the anorak-clad crowd as Henman takes his first service game with encouraging ease. Mrs Henman watches on as ever, twirling a tendril of hair around her index finger as she squints down at the action.

1628 BST:
Here comes the old stager, and there's a standing ovation to greet him. Can Tim turn back the clock and see off the threat of the sleeveless shirt-wearing Spaniard?
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