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Weird file problem :(

I have a problem with files an I think with the apache webserver. Let me explain the problem Smile:

First I have a html file which displays google maps. The markers are loaded from a xml file.
This xml file is created with a Python script.
Here is the problem: If I change the xml file (with the markers), the xml file isn't correctly loaded by google maps. He still uses the old marker positions (the old file). If I look closer at the xml file and open it with the file manager (or a ftp program), I see that the has change the file correctly (it has the correct new marker positions, which aren't displayed by google maps). But if I look at the xml file with the browser (open it in the browser) I see the old marker values (the old xml file). Also if I delete the xml file with the file manager or a ftp program, then the xml file is still accessible with the web browser (I see the old xml file).
I think it has something to do with the cache of the web server, Is this possible? And offcourse, how do I solve this problem?


Erik Confused
Might be your cache. Try a force refresh. (forces your browser to load the page from the server rather than the cache)

That doesn't work :S
So nobody knows why this happens?
Is here a way to tell the apache server that a file has changed,
so he can update his cache?
the sever itself should not have a "cashe" so to say like our computers do, when you update a file, its updated, only reason you would see an old one is due to your computer, why dont you link to it, ill load the xml, and see what the contents are, ill PM you the contents, and you can see if they are the old or the new contents, if its the new, then you know its your computers cache

also CTRL + f5 does not work on all files, such as flash and others, so CTRL + f5 may not work, you may need to go to your browser options and clear cashe that way.
That's a good idea. Smile
Here's the url:


Erik23a86 wrote:
That's a good idea. Smile

I have them sometimes ^_~


- <markers>
  <marker lat="37.444608024880196" lng="-122.15131759643554" text="ffff" />
  <marker lat="37.43847476439526" lng="-122.13363647460937" text="<img src="" border="0" alt="kattebeest">" />
  <marker lat="37.450195668969975" lng="-122.17844009399414" text="pppppppp" />
  <marker lat="37.43847476439526" lng="-122.17329025268554" text="hihiih" />
  <marker lat="37.42947840636068" lng="-122.14960098266601" text="erik is cool!!! En de poetie ook!!! :P" />
  <marker lat="37.43274993439342" lng="-122.19526290893554" text="ja" />
  <marker lat="37.42061729995563" lng="-122.13964462280273" text="kkk" />
  <marker lat="37.42675202378013" lng="-122.11801528930664" text="yyy" />
  <marker lat="37.43234100120862" lng="-122.13878631591797" text="" />
  <marker lat="37.408073633752465" lng="-122.11544036865234" text="gre" />
  <marker lat="37.43861106453426" lng="-122.16041564941406" text="" />
  <marker lat="37.41025529181653" lng="-122.17449188232422" text="" />
  <marker lat="37.39143640196038" lng="-122.14771270751953" text="" />
  <marker lat="37.41325496791442" lng="-122.14462280273437" text="" />
  <marker lat="37.418981288714804" lng="-122.113037109375" text="" />
  <marker lat="37.44815145734962" lng="-122.21019744873047" text="" />
  <marker lat="37.40752820930936" lng="-122.0907211303711" text="" />
  <marker lat="37.46205099473705" lng="-122.10977554321289" text="5555" />
  <marker lat="37.46681984855146" lng="-122.15337753295898" text="9999999" />
  <marker lat="37.46314104528327" lng="-122.17912673950195" text="test var" />

look good?

ps: are you a monkey island fan? (your ava)
mm. maybe it is a browser issue. Maybe the browser caches the xml. If load a map in IE and change the map (xml) with Firefox. Firefox displays the corrent markers, but IE displays still the old ones :S.
Do you know how to 'flush' the cache? Maybe it has something to do with the javascript function from google. I use GDownloadUrl() to load the xml.

And Monkey Island is so sweet! Very Happy

If you useing IE7 do the following

1) Go to tools (if tools is not up top, hit alt once)
2) Go to Internet Options
3) Go to Browsing History (near middle)
4) Click on Delete
5) Look at Temerary Interent Files and Click Delete Files

and there you go.
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