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Final Fantasy XII

I have recently rented Final Fantasy XII from the movie gallery. It is the first Final Fantasy I ever played I think it is great. I have a friend that says the story last a really long time and it would take me longer than a month to finish the entire game. Long-Story-Lined games are my favorite and I am planning on buying this game.

Also do you think that is true about taking longer than a month to finish the entire game?
hey maybe,

i have the game but when i realised i just COULD NOT beat a part of it...i started again...and again... like i had to do in final fantasy X.

now im taking a break from it so that when i go back to it it will be fresh.

if you enjoy it i say DEFFINATELY GET IT, it didnt get called the best of PS2 for nothing Wink
heh... well my friend that all depends on how much you play the game. I beat final fantasy X in less than a week and it's almost as long a game as XII, but I put 60 hrs into that game in that week Very Happy
djcaution wrote:
heh... well my friend that all depends on how much you play the game. I beat final fantasy X in less than a week and it's almost as long a game as XII, but I put 60 hrs into that game in that week Very Happy

Two points. 1) you have far too much time on your hands.
2) rpgs are made to last you longer than usual games so instead of trying to beat it in a week take your time it'll be more enjoyable that way and you'll remember more of the story.

FFX was easy, I spent a few hours playing part of the game.
I can't get into FFXII, the system just annoys me, but the story seems cool and I really wanna get through it.

I'm gonna try again after I beat Okami.
Sure Take all the time you want, enjoy the game, have fun. If you turn it into work and speed play, why buy it? Games are meant to be fun, if they are not then they failed no matter how spectacular they are.

Actually I just got the game and am not very far, but I think this may be the seat Final Fantasy yet. I love the combat and how you see monsters in the distance, so you can decide if you want to fight them or not.

too bad they don;t make it for the PC the keyboard mouse interface wold really make a good game even better!
As for me - Final Fantasy series are the best games stories ever! My first part was Final Fantasy VII with it's not too good graphics. But story line was just brilliant! At the film, in which Cloud takes dieing Aeris in his hands my only wish was to blow Jenova and break the game disk Twisted Evil
Stop! What am I talking about? Smile
2 Sparda: I'm sure if you'll try all the FF parts - you'll love them all. So don't waste your time on forums! Start playing and you'll see how easy you spent hours would get up to 80 and even more Twisted Evil

Sorry for my poor english Crying or Very sad
I finished it pretty quick. Unfortunately I hated it. I'm a huge final fantasy fan... I guess you either love the game or absolutely hate it Razz
I tried to understand it's mechanics... It's fun but I don't like the way Vaan fights or his comrades... I like the Chrono Cross type (Finished it in PS I in 2004)
a) you're absolutely right at that time I did have way too much time on my hands!! b) When did I say anything about trying to beat it as fast as I could!? All I said was I beat it in a week. The reason for that was because I was so engrossed in the game - not to mention the free time on my hands - that I didnt want to put the controller down and spent the better part of that week playing FFX Smile There was no rushing, playing the game was not a "task" or anything else you guys were so quick to accuse :S I merely was really into the game and played it a lot for a week... God of War did just about the same thing! I enjoy the game no less than anyone else. And I btw am one of those people that will not continue in the game until every last thing I can possibly do in the area I'm in has been done & explored... so really I'm doing the farthest thing from rushing through the game

My favourite Final Fantasy game of them all however is still FFVIII. I find the general rule of thumb goes: if you played FFVII first then that one will be your favourite, vice versa if it was FFVIII first then that's your favourite. I played VIII first..
djcaution wrote:

My favourite Final Fantasy game of them all however is still FFVIII. I find the general rule of thumb goes: if you played FFVII first then that one will be your favourite, vice versa if it was FFVIII first then that's your favourite. I played VIII first..

I played(since I don't consider playing FFVI at the age of 5 playing very much) VII first but it's not my favourite, then I played VIII, and that's my most hated of the series.

VI, IX, V, IV are the only ones I can even get into much.

I never could get into FFXII, the system just irritated me, but I never gave it much of a chance. I was thinking of going back, but I've heard a lot of bad things about it. Soo.
This is your first FF game??? O.o You must play FFVII Smile
OK, I realize this is sort of blasphemous, but is FF XII worth finishing? I bought it on launch day, put in ~60 hours within the next two or three months, then totally let it go and haven't touched it since March or April. I keep thinking about getting back into it, but I always felt like the "filler" between story points would eat up an entire day at a time, and I don't get much chance to play games these days. Is it rewarding to keep investing time in it?
lol I'm in the exact same boat. I picked it up again a week ago and surprisingly enough got right back into it, but then I was too busy to play it again after and I'm in the same boat once again... hard to pick up again after not playing it, that game is...
It's funny, ever since FF II for SNES, I kept thinking I wanted the games to get longer. 20, 30, 40, even 50 hours (especially once Chrono Trigger hit and you could play through New Game+ two or three times and have fun), and I loved it. Now, they drop a record-setting game, and real life sets in. FF XII drops with a hundred hours, probably, and I have a job and a wife and a kid to deal with, and I'm lucky to get even close to an hour a day on average. For those who don't like the math, that means over 3 months of playing every single day.
i love FF but i dont have damn expensive should be much cheaper O_O
Dude, FF 12 (XII) is for PS2. The PS3 one is FF 13 (XIII), and won't be out until much later.
i just play on PC, but on PC just have ff8
FF are always great games I have to say my favorite is FF8 on playstation! Hopfully FF13 will eventualy come out on 360. Also looking forward to Lost Odyssey which is a very simular game to the FF series.

Edit: youtube link to Lost Odyssey trailer:
Haha, if you loved FFXII, then you'll probably love the other FFs even more. Personally I thought FFXII was a failure, it wasn't as great as the other ones that have been released, and a lot of people that I know have been similarly disappointed. I think the best gameplay would have to go to FFX, squaresoft made the leveling system very unique, and it was cool how you were able to play every character. Best storyline goes to (i know i know ;__;) FFVII ^^ Try watching Advent Children after you've played FFVII, its a followup to the game. FFXII kind of struck me as weird..did anyone else think the main character looked a little less ... manly than usual? Maybe its just me hahaha. I can't wait for FFXIII to come out though, the graphics look amazing!! And the main character looks really evil >)
I see this Final Fantasy VII is very popular and said to be the greatest of all Final Fantasy. I'll get myself a copy of this and give it a try. Smile
i havent played FFXII yet but i'm going to get all of them eventually.
I am currently playing FF3 DS which is great. I have all of them up to FF9- with the exception of 4,5 and 6 which i'm going to get shortly.
The Final Fantasy series are amazing and i love them because they last a long time. I'd hate to get a game and complete it in that same day because it'd be a waste of money. I think they're amazingly well made games with great unique storylines and reccomend them to anyone who likes RPGs.
I finally started this game again, after putting it off multiple times, because I'm not a very big fan of the gameplay system.

I'm still iffy on it, but I have to play through.

It feels a lot like Vagrant Story, which is still my favorite Square title.
I like it , I play it on My PS2 , but when Vaan get in the ship , my monitor -> black , help me
The game could last a long time, depending on how you play it. I've been playing FFXII for over 200 hours now, but that's because I beat it once and started from scratch, so I average about 100 hours per game. With that being said, I spend a lot of time levelling up and completing sidequests. It's possible to just rush through this game and beat it fairly quickly, but most people will spend a good amount of time playing it.
If you play the game to just beat it, you can beat it fairly quick.
It is such a legend game that everyone should play the series!
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