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Why Losing Points even without an A/C?

I had an account with Frihost but Admin informed me about a month ago that one of my websites (running on Xoops) was hacked and was causing problem to the server and thus deleted or disabled my a/c. I re-request to grant me a new account which was never approved. I remember I still had many + points. But I also notice that my points were being deducted even though I do not have an account. I received two warnings from Frihost admin to my email stating that my Hosting account will be disabled if I do not maintain enough points (now it has fallen below minus 11). I wonder what does this means? And to clarify further, I had no bad intention to misuse the hosting account. It was my xoops site that caused problem.

As a senior member I cannot understand how long I will have to wait to get back my hosting account.

Added: Also, the main reason why I do not participate anymore in the community (forum) is that I feel let down. I feel I deserve a hosting account like other members. I don't think anyone would be interested to participate actively without having a hosting account here. I know I had been a useful member in the forum including the generation of G. Ads as I usually click whenever I find something that interest me appear in the ad.... But its all upto Sir Bonding to take any final decision... I suppose...
I suspect points were automatically deducted each day even though your account had been suspended. That would explain the negative balances. I can not explain why the FriHost admins have not enabled your account again and/or created a new one though.
@Dragonfly: I've performed a quick check and it seems that your account is still open on the Frihost server - it has just been temporarily suspended. This is why you are still losing points.

As for the delay in reactivating your account, I can only apologise - I would imagine that Bondings has simply forgotten about the account suspension. I'd strongly suggest that you send him a PM directly to discuss your account status. Because he suspended the account, it should be him who un-suspends it, but he will also be able to advise you regarding the best way to avoid future exploits on your account.

I sincerely apologise again for the delay and I hope that you will be able to sort out your problem as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reply here and we will help where we can.
As for your points, I believe we will have them reset to something positive soon.
wow! this is an emotional topic! and very interesting when it comes to points system and suspension. I understand your query Dragonfly. But as of now i'm a newbie here and wanting to learn more about the system.

Right now, I found it good and well. I'm just hoping it wont happen to my site. By the way, may I ask you a question of what extension you used in your site? i'm just thinking the way we put extension to our html page. i'm pointing to .html, .asp, .php and so on.

Well, i'm asking it for some security reason.

Thanks and regards!

Is there any topic in the forums that tells the points deduction mechanism. More over, after how many posts or $frih does the status change. It will be good to have a complete summary as there are many roles here like jonier frihoster, adolsence frihoster, senior frihoster, frihoster wannabe, frihostor etc.

More over, are there some other offers or benifits that we may receive with increased $frih.

Thanks and Regards
Haris Mushtaq
@ burge:

Announcements and Rules Forum:

Other benefit of frih$ are that they can be used to by anything from anyone in the marketplace. Place where u can buy or sell anything.

Other than that, they are used for the directory listing.
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