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Colin McRae - Dirt

First let me say what a great disappointment!!
Colin McRae - Dirt is very hungry for graphical power.My computer is 2 years old i have an 3800+x2 and a 6600gt card with 1gb ram and I cant run the game over 800x600 pixel,its terrible why was this game every released on pc its made for the next gen consoles.
The game would as I imagined kick ass on a 3000 pound pc or maybee an xbox 360??

Time to buy a console.....

In deep thought
They still make Colin McRae games?

Does that guy even still race IRL?
I think you should wait a little for some patches. Game makers always forget about something, unfortunately Sad
Kitten Kong
has anyone played this on a good system yet? the main thing about a racinggame is a nice smooth runnning engine and fun physics. Too much concentration on graphics and not enough on good gameplay is my nemesis.
Kitten Kong wrote:
has anyone played this on a good system yet? the main thing about a racing game is a nice smooth running engine and fun physics. Too much concentration on graphics and not enough on good game play is my nemesis.

Written like a professional.

I'm sure the game is amazing on a new generation console or a top end gaming pc.
BUT I am a bit disappointed that its unplayable on my pc which is only 18 months old

It all comes down the the fact that a game is there to be played and not just pretty and unplayable..

The old 48k games had great game play,who needed the graphics??
Gamers want to be entertained.
It got really good reviews (console). I've been wanting to rent it but a little turned off by the whole rally racing thing.
It probably runs smooth as on a concole if "Codemasters" have got there shite down I could imagine a Xbox 360 killing the game!
Codemasters used to the bugjet programmers in the 80s I can remember buying old 48k games and if it was released by codemasters you knew it was gonna be CHEAP,dunno that was like 20 years back....
Yea i was really dissapointet too when i just played the demo man..

When you just drive the car it looks like shit seriously.
when you drive to the left or right it really turns wierd.
f you’re a long-time fan of the Colin McRae series and this sort of thing sets your teeth on edge, prepare yourself. It gets worse. DiRT takes it in the same sort of direction that the TOCA Race Driver series has taken TOCA, with Rally itself now only one of a range of motorsport events that includes Rallycross (eight cars on one part mud/part tarmac track), Hill-Climb, Crossover (two cars on two tracks that cross over halfway through), Rally Raid (4x4s in competitive off-road racing) and the US CORR series (dirt-track racing in trucks). In fact, throw buggy-racing into the mix and you might well note that several of these events were actually covered in the last instalment of TOCA. For some people, the fact that DiRT doesn’t stick to sensible cars and sensible sports is going to be a problem. I could cope with the massive 4x4s of Rally Raid, but when I found myself doing a hill-climb in what looks like the business end of an articulated lorry, even I started to worry about what was going on.
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