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hey guys recently i got a chance to see the movie Transporter and after
the movie i was head to down full praise for the lead actor Jason Statham.I loved his acting in the film.Especially his body language,dialogue delivery etc.At first he is seen in his BMW and he is the transporter of that car.We wonder seeing the arrangements and technics made in that car.The character of Jason is an ex-air force pilot and after leaving from the air force he becomes the transporter..He has his own policies.That can be seen from the very beginning of the film.He is the most reliable transporter in that locality.Then one day he gets a new order to transport a baggage to one place.In the middle way he finds that inside the baggage it was a lady and from there all the problem starts and whole phase of the story anf film changes.It is an excellent movie to be watched.After i said to one of my friends about me watching transporter,he said to me that there is a second part to it....I have planned to see that very soon.I cant wait to see that movie the TRANSPORTER II....If anyone of you have not seen the movie Transporter,I strongly recommend this movie.
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