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What has our billboard 100 turned into?

what has the Us Billboard 100 has turned into ?

The radio stations are now biased in rap , r&b , pop , mainstream emo ,
hip hop , some country into the top 40.

And a lot of these artists are 1 hit wonders..

Next , Billboard 100 doesnts like the alternative rock , metal , death metal , punk , emo , screamo , etc on the charts. Who thinks the Billboard doesnt like the rock category much in the hot 100.

Only rock acts that charted in the top 40 of the hot 100 this year;

linkin Park
stone sour
red jumpsuit apparatus
all american rejects

if theres any more let me know.

Please share your thoughts on the charts . Thanks.
Never really paid attention to Billboard 100, therefore, I can't really elaborate on this topic. All I have to say that anything mainstream will have mainstream characteristics. What I'm saying is that Billboard only looks at top Radio Plays and Album sales; which would be good if that was the only way that people could listen to music. Nowadays, a lot of people either download music from a non-store online or rip CDs, so it's hard to tell what people actually listen to. The statistics really only account for less than half (I'm guessing, don't quote me) of what people actually listen to.

Therefore, don't be surprised if Billboard doesn't have what you like, and is instead filled with POPular music.
Yeah, what you're saying is true.

Most of the mainstream music nowadays is either emo or pop. Emo has become such a massive trend in the last few years, which is ironic seeing as most emo's claim to be individual. Haha Very Happy

I wish it was the 90's again... all alternative rock cleaning up all the attention. It's a shame it died out so early. One of the worst things is aswell, that this emo trend and pop trend probably isn't going to die out anytime soon or in the near future. Same with the rap and R&B.

Rappers seem to be being signed, one hit wonder, collect their cash and then pack up and go. There isn't any real artists out there in the mainstream who are for the music. But then again, it is the mainstream and there is a tonne of underground acts who luckily don't fit the category. Which is why I love local music Very Happy

Well thats my opinion anyway... I guess if you like emo, pop and rap then this would be a golden age for you, haha. Very Happy

The trend has been quite a while in the making. I was a Billboard fan since quite a while ago but I've given up watching now because I don't find any good rock bands on it. Every week they play the same rap/hip-hop songs. I find it very annoying.

Also I gave up watching because Paula Malai Ali was no longer hosting it Crying or Very sad
i too used to use the billboard top 100 as a way to get new bands and songs for my library. however, like everyone has said its become so mainstream with the same stuff every time. at first i was mad because i wouldnt be able to find more rock songs. not to mention the last alt rock/rock station was taken over by yet another hip hop station. luckily that christmas i landed sirius sattelite radio. which since then has allowed me to find countless new songs and bands. yes it isnt free but its worth it to me.

hopefully Nas' song "Hip-Hop is Dead" will actually be true in the literal sense(not in terms of it losing its meaning) in the near future. Twisted Evil
I haven't listened to the radio or watched MTV in years, it became terribly depressing. What makes me sad is you have all of this *real* talent out there and someone like 50cent gets mass exposure and cash for being basically talentless. Real artists do not get paid appropriately for what they do anymore. Thank you, ClearChannel.
Hasn't the billboards ALWAYS been based on mainstream? I really don't know so I'm just wondering.

I mean, has it not always been based on number of records sold and the radio airplay? There's a reason why radio stations overplay songs, it's because they know that people ARE listening when they play certain songs and there are people requesting these songs.

I think there would be more diversity on the radio if MORE people listened and called into the radio stations and commented on what they are playing (or rather, not playing) however, people nowadays listen to downloaded music or mp3 players, or are just online listening to online radios such as Yahoo! music, or Pandora.
Although it is the natural tendency to assume that everything bad in the world is a recent development, the billboard has always favored bad music. I mean, look at some of the songs that never topped the charts that any idiot can see are some of the crowning modern musical achievements of humanity. You have "Waterloo Sunset," for one, and you can't forget that the general public rated The Final Cut as the worst Pink Floyd album. Quite frankly, the average person has very poor musical taste.
Billboard's Hot 100 disgusts me.
its terrible whats been happening with mainstream music these days. almost anywhere you go you can't get some straight up rock or punk or anything of the sort. the closest things that you get are the mainstream versions which are overplayed.

the best place/only place to get your rock music fix is satellite radio. yeah you have to pay for it. but its worth it in my opinion. all different types of music and anything else. its worth every penny.

but the billboard needs to go under a makeover. until then its just mainstream and will always be this way
I miss the nineties. Specially the alternative/grunge rock scene. Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, STP, Pearl Jam... lots of very good bands back then.

Soundgarden man. I love that band.

People got sick of grunge by the mid-nineties i guess, but looking back now-- back then, it really was the music. I just can't imagine looking back 10 years from now and being able to finally appreciate these emo-screamo bands that are saturating the airwaves these days. The only thing good these days is indie rock.

Oh well, I should really shut up now.
and mainstream hip-hop is just god-awful.
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