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Going from Vista back to XP??????

Hey, I have a Dell Windows XP Pro SP2 desktop and I have a Dell laptop with Vista. Now what I want to know is, is it possible to format my laptop to wipe the Vista off of it and then install Windows XP Pro? I have the installation disk for the XP Pro which I got with my desktop and I have never used it yet and it is only for Dell sustems and my laptop is Dell. So is it possible and if so how would I go about it? Just stick in the disk and restart then follow instructions? or is it more complicated then that? Would it be a good idea to go back to XP Pro? Thanks.
is it too difficult to change the boot priority and inserting the disc!!!! i'm sure u will be able to format and re-install what u want.

haven't tried and so do it at your risk. but there shouldn't be any problem.
Like what aningbo said, it's basically just the same like installing a fresh copy of Windows XP. During the installation, you could just delete the partition that Vista resides on and Vista is effectively gone. However, since you are using an installation disk from your previous Dell desktop, I assumed it is an OEM copy of Windows XP. Hence, make sure you have an extra product key for the installation as OEM copies do not allow you to use the same key for multiple computers.
I doubt you actually got a WinXP install CD from Dell; they probably gave you a recovery CD which includes drivers specific to your desktop and excludes drivers necessary for your laptop. Also it will include all of Dell's worthless crud installed on your desktop.
you can't boot vista on an xp disc, it will tell you that the version you are trying to vipe is newer then the cd, anyways, you can do this with some illegal freeware (might not be strong enough tho, hardly even manage to vipe media center last time I checked), or with programs that cost over 3.000usd..
just simply format your system, and make a fresh installation, if you have recovery cd, then it is better..
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