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free equvelent of archicad

HI there, I need to do some building/house layouts and need a software package similar to archicad but free : ),

so if anyone out there has anyinfo on a similar package it dose not need to contain all the functionality of archicad just some basic architectral fearues will do.

You might want to try QCAD. Basically, it is an open source (the community version is released under the GNU General Public License) and cross-platform CAD system. I have personally tried it several times "just for fun" because I have no course right now that requires me to use one.

This is the link:

Another viable alternative is FreeCAD. Like QCAD, it is also open source and is cross-platform (well, I assume). The main difference between QCAD and FreeCAD is that FreeCAD is a specialized CAD system for mechanical engineers.

Here's the link:

I hope these help. Smile
Ha! It seems that I forgot to add PythonCAD.. Sorry about that... Anyway, as its name implies, PythonCAD is written in Python, is open source, and also cross-platform. However, I'm not sure if it currently runs on Windows because I haven't seen an info about it in their website. On the other hand, PythonCAD readily runs on virtually all Linux flavors, BSDs, and UNIXes. I think it can also run on Mac OS X.
Hi there and thanx allot for the privious two posts I deffinately will have a look at them. just another question while I am at it.

does anyone know if there is a gimp pluggin to enable technical drawings, as I also need to draw some 3D images, basically I want to be able to draw long log like cylindrical objects and be able to cut chuncks out with 3D perseption.

any other tips are rally appreciated but for now I guess I have to check out what QCad has to offer : )

If you're going for 3D stuff, why not just use a 3D modeler? Blender is a very capable, free and open source software that is on par with its commercial and proprietary counterparts in terms of features. Use it for 3D modeling and rendering (you may also use Yafray for your raytracing needs) and then use The GIMP for post-processing.
Hi there and thanks for the reply, This 3D modeler sounds interesting can you post a link here so I can get hold of the exact modeler you talking about, and just out of interest whats the name of its propriety equivelent.

cheers Mic
Try to take a look of it.

Enjoy it. Smile
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