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Do you think Geroge W. bush is a good president?

In my opinion, he is not. He is too ambitious. No WAR!!!!
How about yours??? Please feel free to leave comment here^^
Tim Graham

He's said some rather stupid things, and is influenced far too much by the religious right and neoconservatives. One of the things I don't really understand about the US is its politics - to me it doesn't seem to be so much a question of what people want, but how well you are able to lobby for it and more importantly how much money you have.

That's an issue for both sides, but the fact that he appointed Dick Cheney, ex-CEO of Halliburton, as his Defense Secretary, and the various appointments he has made in relation to the environment and climate change seem to indicate that there's something wrong - I just think business and politics are far to close.

But it's a complicated question and I'd be curious to hear from others..
I think that the entire US government is corrupt and unreliable. Bush, along with his entire administration are handling Iraq, the war, terrorism, immigration, and everything else horribly. This country has never, and hopefully will never again, seen such a bad example of America.

I say administration, but I mean pack of loonies put together at the last minute to support Bush so that he can do whatever the hell he wants and not worry about personal criticism. I think they, too, are a sorry excuse of any form of government, but especially the US.

President Bush's approval rating is currently at an all-time low, and he's still got one year left in office! Not even his own party approves of him, much less the Democrats!

I have frankly never felt such low pride in my country and government. I personally apologize to anyone hurt, embarrassed, or appalled by our "president".

God bless Wink ,
There should be a minimum intelligence level for presidential candidates. On a more serious note, I feel that Bush came from a rich family and doesn't understand what 99% of the not-so-rich US population go through. Thus, his policies don't match what we need from a president.
Im swedish, and since our country have communist tendencies, the media always give reports on Bush shining a bad light on him, thus leaving almost the entire swedish population disliking Bush. Im not against people disliking Bush, anyone can think whatever they want about anyone. But I dislike when the media continously deliberately delivers a news coverage on something that is not neutral.

This was OT I guess but still Smile
No. Not at all. For many reasons. I fear whether frihost allow such a long post !!! Smile
I think he made a few mistakes (I disagree with him on MANY points), but he is not fully to blame. For one, this is the toughest term any American president has had, after having a new type of war. They definitely messed up, and that 'they' includes him, and multiple others. Though I have heard he is pleasant to be around in person.
a president like Bush in some other countries is incredible,
you funny Americans
Lets just say that if more countries had presidents/prime ministers/leaders similar to George Bush. World War 3 would be inevitable.
To be honest, I don't see how or why this topic has managed to remain open :shocked:
It doesn't really contian any world news, and it's just basically an opinion poll.

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