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true that people of the same race love each other moreoften

My gf Kristen is irish/italian. I am irish/italian.

is it true that it is more common and usual that people of the same race , are more likely to have a relationship with each other?
I agree this is strange. There are psycological as well as society related reasons.
JimmyHoffa1029 wrote:
is it true that it is more common and usual that people of the same race , are more likely to have a relationship with each other?

Of course, they are more likely to meet each other from the start, are more likely to be able to understand each other, they may have simular likes and dislikes, and their parents won't say anything about it either Wink
Not to mention that people from the same race are likely in the originating country so are far more likely to meet each other.
Manus et Therion
And I would say that it has a lot to do with a very well known sociological phenomenon called "Natural Segregation."

Take this experiment as an example.

There's a dance being held in a large auditorium. The crowd is a mix of ethnic backgrounds, but all white. The party seems to be going well, people are mingling, talking, dancing, drinking. The experimenters then bring in a new condition - black people. They enter one at a time, or a few in pairs. Over a little amount of time the black people are all in one place, segregated by their mutual comfort with each other in selecting who they want to mingle with.

Or take the experiment to the furthest and most interesting extreme. The experiments provided every attending college student in their course with baseball caps. Blue caps and pink caps. The students were told the were the caps every day they were in the class together and on any trips the class made. In essence, all class functions involved the caps. Over time it was discovered that blue caps chose blue caps to be with, and pink caps did the same.

It's interesting and true. People are more likely to associate with people they can instantly identify with. So this would, of course, increase the statistical significance of falling in love within the bounds of a particular skin color or language or whatever.
of course..but that is just not what actually happened in this world..there are even lots of couple from different races which still happened to give out such good impact in their relationship and they understand and love each other more and unconditionally..
Most people goes for what they have been learned by the society and family.
I am quite open minded, never see the fault in peoples ethnic or colour, but in their behaviour. I'm Rumanian, and my mother divorced my biological father we moved to Norway where she married again, and when that didn't work out she divorced (I know, I think she makes some bad choices), she has married again, with a Cameroonian. And so far she has had two children with each of the men, except the last one because they just had their first child.
And my sister that is also full Rumanian would rather be a full Norwegian. True the years friends and the society has made her so that she had changed her name to a more Norwegian one, and I have no idea if her newer friends knows she is Rumanian.
And now I'm in a relationship with a guy from Morocco, a Arab and Muslim. You can say that I were orthodox, but I have broken from everything that is about religion, I believe more in the goodness of people and if there is anything out there I only hope it's good.
I can say that my mother makes some bad choices with men, something I really don’t want to do. So how can I be sure that a relationship with someone that has a different ethnic background than me will work? For me it works because I know he is a good man.

I know that people that has the same background seem to find each other and then get together mostly because of that, there is nothing wrong with that. But when they get a childe together the child will later on try to find someone of the same background because children looks up to their parents. People take to much pride in where their history comes from. And if they were to meet someone they were just perfect with they would think that because they are different with either their religion or their looks they don’t fit.

Hope you two stay together anyway 
There is a scientific reason for this based on how we determine attractiveness. It turns out, we find faces more attractive that are more familiar. Hence:

- Someone you know for a while becomes more attractive or more appealing to look at

- People with symmetric, balanced faces are more attractive because they have fewer "unique" features and therefore are more able to be likened to faces we are already familiar with

- People tend to be attracted to their same race because it is a familiar appearance
Thanks for your opinions so far.

Keep them posting thanks.
With the last comment...that can go both ways. I am african american however I am attracted to women of just about all ethnicities. I can say that I if I ever met an African American woman that acted like any of my family, that would probably be a big turnoff for me. So for me I guess it is more about personality than race.

Growing up I was hesitant about dating caucasian women for several reasons...i am not going to go into details. But currently I have been dating a girl for about four months and she has definitely opened my eyes to a few things. There are some challenges considering we live in Alabama/Florida area where people are not as open minded but she does not let her family or friends opinions affect her. I have no family so I don't recieve very many opinions either way.
True , i think personality really matters as well =).
Yes, how can a monkey fall in love with a bird?
Yes, of course. For many social/linguistic reasons.

bartdou wrote:
Yes, how can a monkey fall in love with a bird?

Who's monkey and who's a bird ? Smile
we are different races actually.. makes it a bit hard, but it's possible..

it's not always rosy, but time will tell. i have seen mixed relationships work.
bartdou wrote:
Yes, how can a monkey fall in love with a bird?

Lol. I like your logic brother. It really makes a big question mark on my head. Lol.

Anyway, I think it about commonalities is a part of selecting the partner to want to have. Just an opinion.
Subsonic Sound
I think people MEET other people of the same race more often. I don't think we're naturally predisposed to fall in love more easily with others of our race, it's just that if almost everyone you know IS your race, simple probability says that odds are your partner will be too.

But it's just probability. Slim chances do come up. All my friends are white, as am I. My partner's black, and we're very happy indeed.

And for the monkey/bird comment, please look up the difference between 'Race' and 'Species'.
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