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Xbox 360 Achievements

Ok at the moment my total gamerscore is 4872 ! (you can just look at my gamercard) and recently I have been just hunting those easy achievements and I'd thought I'd just share them with you as having a high gamerscore is usually a good thing to brag about. Also there are some easy achievements that I just can't get such as The Prey multiplayer achievements (mainly because there is never anyone on the server.

OK here are some games with easy achievements...

Oblivion achievement list:
This game is reasonably easy to complete if you get stuck or just want to power through the game quick just lower the differculty!

Prey achievement list:
In Prey you receive an achievement for each level and there are 23 levels, also anyone can complete this game in under a day at most just try it its a good game.

Gears of War achievement list:
Anyone who owns a 360 should have this game already, ok the achievements are a little harder in gears of war but are quite rewarding just co-op with your mates and you should have the campaign achievements in no time!

and no-one can forget Crackdown achievement list:
on crackdown you should easily get all 1000G and to be honest playing to get crackdown achievements is quite fun (not that playing any game isn't fun although you do get some quite mundane achievements such as play 1000 deathmatch games on Perfect Dark Zero

Obviously These aren't the only games with easy achievements... there are loads. reply with other games, if your stuck trying to get an achievement... just say someones bound to help you, even Games for windows Live achievements or even tips to get achievements. POST YOUR OPINION!!
Smith you missed Enchanted Arms 1000g just for completing the sory(done in around 30hrs)
O and smith at the end of your namw you forgot Tard
Smith you missed Enchanted Arms 1000g just for completing the story(done in around 30hrs)
yep Enchanted Arms is an easy 1000G a rental perhaps...
Personally I'm not that big on achievements. I will occasionally take a look and see what I need to get but for the most part it's generally a surprise whenever one is unlocked.
5042G now got those final achievements on oblivion hopefully buying tombraider legend this week... cheap buy trading in rainbow 6 vegas for 15 and buying TR: Legends for 14.99.
by the way if anyone has prey and wants to start a ranked match with me thats an easy 250G for multiplayer achievements + Ranked leader boards achievements (incredibly easy as there is only ever 20 people online playing ranked matches) Just say (include your gamertag) Very Happy
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