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go soldat

great 2d shooter
try it

Cool Cool Cool
I tried playing this once a while ago, it was a lot of fun, but for some reason I never played it again.

and its not on my computer, haha...

maybe it was all a dream.
This is a good game, in fact, this is the game we used to test wine (the linux application) in class to see if we could get it to work.
This game is fun and addictive, very good
when you think about what your playing its pathetic really....i mean a 2d shooter......but its just so addicting. Like i just love killing people in 2d lol
I agree completely,

The references to counter strike content makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I have a guilty gratification from turning someones tiny 2d body into a red blood spatter.

I would say it's like a real time version of Worms 2d.

The game's install has a small footprint and can be run without actually being installed onto the computer. This made for hours of fun playing in the computer lab at school over the lan; a computer lab full of 20 of your good friends shooting the crap out of each other makes for some good times.

hey guys

Just wondering about how you played soldat when you still did (or if you still do)

what kind of maps did you play...i played r/s ctf maps & climb maps

what tactics......i camped a lot and then like to shoot people in the back

what are my favourite guns:steyr, minimi, socom, knife, barret, ruger, deagles, law, ak.

anything else......i never capped but i would let them get flag and then camp at their base. When they went to cap i would snipe them in the head like 1 foot over the flag


soldat was so addicting but it got boring....o well happy days!!!SmileSmileSmile
what kind of maps did you play...
I forget the map names so I just pick one

what tactics......
I made sure that I was aligned to 2 enemies so as soon as one is dead, the other one will instantly catch my bullets without I need to aim first.

what guns.....
Steyr and grenades while they aren't a gun

anything else......
Stay in the enemy base if the enemy flag is taken, as soon as it is dropped and returned you can take it yourself and take a detour because all the enemies are were the flag was. Works with Unreal Tournament as wel Very Happy
I also enjoyed soldat a time ago. Now I play other games but I remember that the free style it used andthe freedom to change the look of the character was very cool. After some time I started to make some maps more than play but noone of my friends wanted to play it so I get a bit bored. so here I am without the game at all but with some happy memories Wink
Sooldat is like the most aweosme game ever, I still play it occasionally. Very Happy
I've been playing it since it's first public release (since it was toll free). Now the game itself has grown, become twice as good as it was (notice simple but still beautiful 3d extensions at work like anti-aliasing and different texture filtering). It supports multiplayer(LAN or internet)/with bots game modes.
IMHO #1 among other 2d shooters.
I used to play Soldat, but no so much anymore. I still play the occasional game though. It's probably the best 2D shooter I've played ... It would be much better if there were some kind of a story mode or unlockables or anything though ...
Soldat is awesome!
I used to be very good in it when you could still throw a knife without holding the throw key but just pressing it once. After that patch, I somehow lost my interest in Soldat and didn't play it for a long time...
Recently, I started playing every now and then and it's pretty fun to play against mates Smile Don't like public matches that much.

Deathmatch all the way... Don't like the other modes at all.
Veeeeeery good game. I play it since now 4 years. I'm well known in many communities so maybe you will recognize my nickname : Aniway Wink

what kind of maps did you play...
Eh.. Default maps, climb, trench war, cs_ and de_ maps Very Happy

what tactics......
Perfect aim? Rolling Eyes I'm a rusher, I know where, when and how to rush !

what guns.....
All gun exept the *)&&? Deagles. My Ruger 77 was awesome before.. but now I just suck lol

anything else...... Eh.. Soldat FTW! I have a tons of 3d FPS games like Counter-Strikes.. Battlefield 2 and new releases but I mostly play Soldat, it's just fine and it's free!
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