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thinking of getting a laptop

just wondering if anybody has any suggestions. i like macs, and i do a lot of design work, but i think i would be just as good with a PC for a better price. does anybody know of any reasonably priced PC's that they have and like and got a big screen and whatnot.
Well depends on what you call a reasonable price...

But windows vista is a brilliant OS. Microsoft really did make the day of graphical designers and the film industry.

but i think compaq is doing a good deal with windows vista and a widescreen monitar. high speed prossecer and 2048mb ram...

You might want to look up something called the ModBook... yes, it is a Mac, but it is "hacked" and modified to be a tablet. Its pretty nifty... I so want one.

As far as a PC, just look for something with a good wide screen and a good video card.

You might not want to get a Vista laptop unless you are positive that all your software for whatever designing you do is completely Vista compatible. If it is, go for it, if not, stick with XP.
I strongly suggest Dell; they often have many coupons that make their low priced computers an even better solution.

I my self, purchased an m1210 laptop from Dell. I have a history of breaking my laptops due to it falling off the bed or spilling stuff on it or what ever and opted for the extra $200 2 year accidental damage replace/repair warranty. I've used it once already because the the bag that the laptop was in fell down a flight of stairs and cracked the casing. I sent it in, and a week and half later got it back with new casing. Granted that may not have been worth the $200 dollars, not yet anyways... Still a year left on my warranty Wink
I'd go to, they have a lot of customizable options you can choose from. If you are trying to get the biggest bang for your buck, and I know you said you didn't want one, but a macbook is good. I have macs, but you can also get a student discount from macs and such which makes them typically cheaper for similar quality. I plan on buying from gentech in august cuz I love their asus notebooks.
I second the M1210 recommendation. They are coming out with a new revision soon, so it is on sale. It is a great laptop, more than enough power for almost everyone's needs.
obviously is a good idea. They`re sousefull and beautifull. I`ve got one and I tell you its great.
Really think about what form factor you want. I know people that really wanted a big screen, then they get this huge screen on a very cumbersome computer and it's a pain to take anywhere because the battery dies so quickly and it weighs a ton. On the other hand for a long time I was all about the 12" screen very small laptops (I would've gotten smaller if they were affordable). Then I realized that it's not much heavier/less cumbersome to have a bigger screen if the computer is thin and it's designed to be portable rather than a desktop replacement. Apple does do a good job at this. Even their 17" is very easy to carry. Still a bit big for me, but much better than some of the other 17"ers i've seen.
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