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For keyboardists....

 12%  [ 1 ]
 12%  [ 1 ]
 37%  [ 3 ]
 37%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 8

hey guys this is for Keyboardists.Recently i visited some websites which i found awesome and they are and and in the latter i found to read about the beginning of the company.I know u are also interested to know the same.So read on..
Kurzweil Music Systems Inc. was founded by inventor Raymond Kurzweil,who had developed a revolutionary reading machine for the blind that scans written materials and reads them aloud in a synthesized voice.Musician Stevie Wonder, a customer for the reading machine, challenged Ray Kurzweil to create an electronic instrument that blended the richness of acoustic sound with the control and sound modification of electronics.The Kurzweil engineers then developed the first ROM-based sampling keyboard to successfully reproduce the full complexity of acoustic instrument sounds - the K250. When the K-250 was introduced in 1983,the music industry was astounded by its ability to emulate a piano, strings, choirs, drums and other acoustic instruments with extraordinary accuracy. Since then, electronic musical instruments have had a new benchmark of quality for which to strive.In mid-1990, Young Chang acquired part of the technology and engineering team from the original Kurzweil Music Systems, Inc. This engineering staff is housed at the Young Chang R & D Institute, located in Waltham, MA. Raymond Kurzweil has long since left the company, but Kurzweils's reputation continues to grow as new technologies are developed and Kurzweil engineers sample new sounds from around the world, using state of the art digital technology to add to the sound library.Today the Kurzweil product line features a wide array of electronic instruments for both the home and professional musician. The top of the line K2600 Series professional sampling synthesizers feature Kurzweil's Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology and represent Kurzweil's most advanced offerings to date.
It is interesting right..
So you Keyboardists now vote in the poll.....
Well, I hope all depends on how much money you want to spend...
Sickness, don't double post and please don't backseat moderate. You can always just report using the 'report' button. Removed your second post.
nivinjoy, put copy-pasted material between quote tags!

Back to the subject, I've got Yamaha synthesizer, and my friend got a Yamaha keyboard, so I guess my vote goes to Yamaha Smile
I have a yamaha keyboard due to price. I would love a roland but most are out of my price range.

Roland make by far the best keyboards, their hammer weighted keys (especially in the higher range models) cannot be beaten on recreating a realistic piano key feel.

Added to this roland keyboards have an amazing sound which is of course a deciding factor on which brand you opt for.

You get what you pay for basically. Roland- expensive but worth it if u have the money.
You should add Clavia (Nord) to that list. I swear by them - they're rugged and sound amazing.
I've got a Yamaha. I like it. It's been good to me for about 6 years now, and it's still a nicer keyboard than some of the cheap ones I'm seeing out today. Of course I so all sorts of different instrument sounds on it, but even the Drum Kits sound real nice.

Personally I'd like to have a Mac, and the Mac Keyboard deal... but that's just me Razz
Over the years, I have had some great keyboards from various manufacturers. Alot depends on your playing style as to which keyboard is going to work best. I have two very old Piai keyboards that are still going strong. Key return rate is the best on these two Piais and on my custom keyboard.
I have a Nord Lead 2x and a borrowed Electro. They are both incredibly versatile, VERY durable (metal housing and not plastic), and I really do love the way they sound. The Electro has some of the best piano and organ models I have ever heard. They are also eye-catching when you're on stage, not a grey or black box, but fire-engine RED!

I do also own a Roland Fantom X6, but I don't gig with it, it is my studio keyboard.
i think roland is quite good. the tone colour of most of the roland's keyboard are good, and the most important thing is, the price is quite reasonable. i have used roland's keyboard for a few years.
The Mitchell
i currently use a roland juno 6 (beautiful classic almost fully analogue synth) and it is amazing especially for cool sub bass stuff. i have also been using a roland sh201 which is great for really messed up synth sounds but korg are also great. the ms2000 is a nice beginner synth and both companies have a grea range of fantastic stuff. but this all depends on what you want. im more of a synth collector than a keyboard player
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