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Twisting Road

The night was an odd one. Cloudy in some parts, yet stars shown through in very few places, but still they shown. The moon was as if it were never existant. No sign of it anywhere. The only lights were the lights found in shops and homes and those on the side of the streets, not to mention the mobile lights of other cars on the road.
Shane was on his way home on this particular night. His radio on as usual, as he sings along with the songs on the radio. He had been at some distant friends' lakehouse the entir week before and had a long weekend and was ready to get back to the usual, predictable lifestyle. Work, school and the occasional late night. Anxiously he rushed the people ahead of him to keep moving.
"Come on, C'mon! I need to get back to my place atleast before three in the mornin'", he said out loud. No one else was with him and he usually did this when he was in a hurry.
The cars ahead of Shane began to finally move and switch lanes as if they were going around something. When he reached where everyone else had been switching lanes, he had saw no reason to move so he decided to stay in his lane and keep going, without slowing or anything. The metallic, white square on the side of the road read "60 MPH", so he kept trucking towards his destination.
Still thinking back over the last couple of days he had been with his friends, he was grinning and singing along to one of his favorite songs on the radio when suddenly the sound, the music, everything went silent. Shane played with the tuner for a while and finally decided that some technical difficulty had occured so he just turned off the radio completely. Nothing but silence all the way home.
The thought of driving for three hours with nothing on was beginning to bug him but he then remembered having a few CDs in his console. Feeling around in the small hole was rendered frustrating when it was filled with papers and Shane was focused on not wrecking his car. Finally he found the disc and quickly shoved it in the slot that would then become a savior to him. He couldn't stand the silence for very long.
Outside the windows of the car, trees zoomed by. Row by row by row, for a length of time the only thing to pass was trees and exit signs. An hour passed, then two. Then Shane noticed signs of city life. 43 minutes after midnight. He decided that he didn't want to listen to the same CDs over and over again. He'd try the radio and see if the trouble was over.
Static. All he heard was bits and pieces of static and several noises. As if the stations were mixed together all he heard was many voices and static. He twisted the tuner again and again, trying to find a working station but all he could get was noise and slight voices. Frustrated, Shane turned off the radio. He sat silenty, staring at all the buildings and things of that sort when he suddenly felt an uneasy feeling of something being out of place.
He began to feel panic for no apparent reason. To calm him down, he looked at the cars going by and then he felt himself get back to normal. He then pulled over to get his thermos out with his coffee in it. He wanted to be sure of things, as well.
After looking to make sure he didn't leave anything, he hopped back in and took a sip of the coffee and started his car. Down the highway he went. Signs passing and cars moving along beside his. Lights passing by, the night still as dark as the tires on each car as it spins restlessly upon the river of highway, yellow stripes zip by, looking as if they were moving themselves.
His heart jumped. His eyes widened. Shane's radio had turned itself back on. It was playing music loudly and clearly. He quickly smacked the buttons on the radio, hitting the power button. He then took several deep breaths. The sudden burst of sound startled terribly. His hands were shakey and he felt paranoid.
Shane's attention was then called back to the surroundings. He noticed the drivers of the other vehicles had confused looks on their faces as he then looked at the city. He found that there were no lights anymore. Nothing was lit up and, other than the headlights of the cars, there was no sign of light anywhere. As if he were looking out to the ocean at night, there was only black as far as he could see. People began to pull over and stop but Shane kept driving. He drove curiosly and nervously toward his destination. He still had a long drive ahead of him.
Shane's tires screached. His headlights shown a few cars in the road. Stopped, dark and lifeless. He was very nervous by this time. He got out and began to look around. Slowly, he stepped toward the car that blocked his path and looked inside the window. It was dark inside and there appeared to be nothing there. He bagan to knock on the window, trying to get someone's attention. Then he heard footsteps and looked across the street and noticed a figure standing there.
"Hey! Hey, sir... can you tell me whats going on", he yelled. No answer came back to him. He carefully started to walk towards the apparently male figure. Shane began to get closer to the figure. It began to move. It twitched and shook and then it turned toward Shane.
"Hey sir... I was wondering if you could...", He stopped. What Shane saw would stick in his mind. The figure was a man. He was a little taller than Shane, but there was something very disturbing about this man. He had no face. As if it were erased from his face. The only thing appealing to Shane was the horrific sight and a muffled, weezing noise emitting from the head of the man.
Shane began to back away, but he couldn't turn his eyes away from it. The thing began to move again as it then fell towards Shane. There was a cracking noise on the ground and what happened directly after that was something that bewildered Shane. The man's faceless head shattered, like it was made of clay or porcelain.
From the neck and the remaining pieces of the shattered head that was still intact, a strange black liquid slowly creeped out and onto the street. Shane turned away and ran to his car. He almost ran right into something that wasn't there before. The other car, the one he searched, had been tempered with and the door left open. He slid and fell near his own car, staring into the blackness of the other vehicle, completely ignoring his fall.
A droning noise came from the inside of the car. It was almost painful to the ears. Like some sort of foreign instrument played at a high pitch tune, constantly. A machine like noise, sometimes interrupted by static and white noise. Shane quickly pulled himself up and anxiously began to eye the insides of the other vehicle. He stopped himself from going further and jumped inside his own automobile. Sighing with fear and confusion. He shut his eyes only to see a flashback of the man with no face.
He had no idea what had happened to his normality. This was not going to be easy for him to get used to.
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