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Production Paradox

At the heart of economies lies an unrecognised paradox: All acts of production are self-defeating. A process of production is the result of a demand for a product; having produced that product and satisfied the demand, it thereby eliminates its reason for existing. By which is meant that a product produced is a demand satisfied and therefore a production process that is no longer necessary. The constant struggle to defeat this paradox is at the heart of exchange economics in an economy of surplus.

The question is: How does the act of production survive itself? This can only be done by a renewal of demand and this can only be done in two ways: By the expiration of the product and/or by continual economic growth.

Therefore, to maintain the existence of both production processes and processes of exchange, the production paradox must be sidestepped, and to do this, the surplus itself must be eliminated. This begins with higher consumption but ultimately develops into a complete pattern of production aimed at maximum growth, maximum waste, maximum turnover and maximum consumption of non-essentials.

Orthodox economics explains exchange as based on the productive benefits of specialisation and the consequent need to obtain what you yourself do not produce. In fact it is largely based upon the need to dispose of a surplus.
thats quite an interesting view, and certainly holds some relevancy, where do you think computers fit into all of this? Not exactly a need but a genuinely usefull tool. I could say that every house should have computer hooked up to the internet and not feel I was being flippant.

But obviously the continous rate of development which forces obselescence is exactly what you are reffering to. The ingrained market place politics. It is for reasons like this that socialiastic tendancies were first positited. Karl Marx was a true scholar of Markets, industry and production.
How does the act of production itself survive? Advertising. Through advertising, you create continued demand for a product, by marketing it as new, improved, or some other thing. You may not need to continue to have the same person buy your product, but if you open the eyes of new people, the process is still necessary to fulfill their demand.
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