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Prohibit Homepage Change

Hi everyone.. I hope someone out there can help me out on this issue. I need a way be it editing the registry, modifying admin settings or installing free software to deny changes to the default homepage. I have a pc at the office that is publicly used by many colleagues. But someone keeps changing the default homepage and I wish to stop this from happening. I tried to download a program called homepagemonitor.exe but can't seem to get that file downloaded.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Very Happy
Kelvin, what browser are you using? Also, do you use an account with administrator privileges or are you using a limited account? Do people have their own accounts or is it shared?
Two answers to your question:
1- you can enforce your home page using group policies (on active directory) or local policies (on a computer that does not log on to a domain) to enforce a home page and to prevent changes
run gpedit and look at user config-admin templates-windows components - internet explorer. You can also use this to control a lot of other settings, but THINK about what you are doing - you can make your own life difficult
2- If your homepage is changing, it may be that it is a spyware program or a worm, rather than another person. Hunting these down requires a good tool and a bit of knowledge, so get the IT guys to check it out (normal AV may not pick it up).
Note that use of gpedit assumes you are using Windows XP if I remember correctly... Windows 2000 may not have that utility loaded (just like it is missing MSCONFIG!)
froginabox is correct. please let us know what account are you using. Is it an administrator account or a limited user account?

Here is my own suggestion;

If you dont know what account you are using right now you can use some software or programs to lock your computer. But since it is publicly used it is the hard thing to do coz others wont be able to save their files on that computer without having to inform you.

Or if you are the administrator of that computer, you may use that lock software but be sure to have an open partition or an extra disk for saving files and documents.

Before I continue, please let me know first what account you are using so I can help you better.
sorry for the incomplete information. I am using Windows XP running IE 6.0. The system is not patched with service pack 2. It is configured with 2 accounts. One being the administrator account and another user account. The user account was oriignally set as 'limited' to prevent unauthorised software installation but I had to change it back to 'admin' as the Incredimail won't accept/send mails with 'limited' account settings after completing one of its patches.

I am certain the changing of homepage is done manually. Someone keeps setting it to Yahoo homepage when I defaulted it to our company's custom homepage.

Going to try what qsmith suggested now. Wink
OK, i tried opening gpedit using "Run" but Windows can't detect the software. I ran a search on 'gpedit' and found a few files including this one "gpedit.msc" which i ran and worked.

I proceeded to disable homepage change and it worked like a charm. Thanks a lot guys especially qsmith Very Happy

I noticed that this gpedit only exist for Windows XP Pro. Good thing the public comp is a pro version. Is there any settings similar for the home version? TQ
Hello Kelvin

I've just run gpedit.msc.
It's full of stuff, with no apparent search facility.
Where in all this maze did you manage to disable homepage change?

OS Master
Read this concering gpedit.msc on Home:

Windows XP Home does not include GPEDIT; XP Home users can apparently run this program if they have access to files from an XP Pro (or possibly Win 2000?) installation, by doing the following:

* Copy the files gpedit.dll and fde.dll from \WINDOWS\System32 on the XP Pro machine to \WINDOWS\System32 on the XP Home machine.
* From a command prompt issue the following commands on the XP Home machine: regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\System32\gpedit.dll

* regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\System32\fde.dll Open the Microsoft Management Console (mmc.exe) and select File->Add/Remove Snap-in... Then click Add. Select the Group Policy snap-in from the list of installed snap ins.

You can now edit the Group Policy on the local machine. But XP Home doesn't support the same feature set as XP Pro, so the policies you are looking for might be missing.
I'm just thinking this issue had been closed. My suggestion is to close this topic because there was enough answer to the query and working quite good.
cannot we use group policy in home edition ?
internetjobs wrote:
cannot we use group policy in home edition ?

No - gpedit is only available in Windows XP Pro as OS Master has already stated:

OS Master wrote:
Windows XP Home does not include GPEDIT...
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