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Your most hated movie ever

I was just looking around here and i saw that there was no worst movie ever topic, only favorite movie topics. So here it is. My worst movie ever has to be
Batman and Robin.
That movie hurt my head because of the amount colour and effects that went on in one scene. It's like the director thought, Hey why not add a blizard to this scene, and confetti to this one, just to make it more exciting. But it didnt work. And i hate it. So there you go, my worst movie ever, now share yours.
Master Yoda
Ever seen one called "Zyzzyx Road" ?? It's a 2006 box office disaster.. one of the most pathetic movies I've seen.. the actors can't act at all... everything about the movie is sad...

Check that link..

I just hate that movie...
Master Yoda wrote:
Ever seen one called "Zyzzyx Road" ?? It's a 2006 box office disaster.. one of the most pathetic movies I've seen.. the actors can't act at all... everything about the movie is sad...

I remember reading about this, wasn't it supposed to be like.. Tom Sizemore's big comeback movie and then only a group of people went and saw it?

My least favorite movie would have to be The Rocky Horror Picture Show... Its got that cult status that a lot of people love, but the movie annoys the hell out of me and my friends try to make me watch it on a regular basis.
Worst movie ever has to be Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. It is so rubbish it is unbelievable. I would prefer to watch Bambi 2 than that again.
HHGTTG worst movie ever.

One of the best books and the BBC series was brilliant despite the cringingly bad and low budget special effects

It was bad enough when the start introduced that tacky, american revue style number on So long and thanks for all the fish, but then to have the whole story turn into an Arthur - trillian romantic comedy - a badly made one at that was inexcusable.

Such a disappointment as Martin Freeman would have made an excellent Arthur Dent, had there been even a semi-decent script.
Worst movie ever? Final Destination 2. They took a cheesy, poorly acted thriller, and then made a sequel that was worse... Ugh, I'll never get that time back, or those nine bucks.
The Beach, seriously what was that movie even about. It was slow, very boring and baraly any dialect. It was just awful!!
The "Rugrats" Movie. I happened to catch it on Nickelodeon the other day... I had heard it was alright, but I thought it was terrible. The cartoon itself also went downhill afterwards. Stupid new characters...
i reckon any movie with Barbie in it is rubbish.
Barbie started off as a role model to life but now she has turned into the teen pop queen. i do not see what is so great about her. She has only been around for so long because of the Merchandise.
Some of the worst I have seen,,,

Jacob's Ladder
Rocky IV
Any Stephen King based movie except The Shining, Misery and Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile
Matrix Reloaded

There is many more but these are a few
There have been many movies that I did not enjoy in the theatre, but I've only walked out on two:

Popeye (the one with Robin Williams)
Wild Wild West (Will Smith) - easily the worst movie I've ever spent money to see - and it still sucks to watch it on TV.
Saikano, Japanese movie all the good parts are just in the trailer the rest is rubbish
My most hated movie was 'The Skulls' starring Joshua Jackson. Just the lamest piece of trash I've ever seen. And it makes me dislike it more when I hear "I kinda liked it" from people who don't know what good movies are.

Disappointed to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on this thread. I rather liked it. Maybe it's because I didn't have the book to compare it to since I haven't read it yet..?

I'd also like to add that my favorite bad movie is 'Troll 2'. It could be the worst movie ever, but since it's so bad it's pathetically funny. I'd recommend it just to have a laugh at how horrible it is.
haha i remember when I went to see Wild Wild west at the theator, the power went out for about 20 min and they wouldn't go back nor give a refund Mad , anyway the worst movie I think was the disturbia god that movie sucked Confused

It was more the hype, and the fact that my best friend said she liked it which pisses me off. I mean, god, bad horror movies just ruin the entire genre for me. We need more zombie movies, dammit.
The Blair Witch Project
Probably Edward D. Wood Jr. movies, if anything.

Oh and add Spiderman 3. Worse even, than Wood productions. Wink
Cheaper By The Dozen.

Sorry Steve Martin, but it's just not funny! Would have to be the worst movie I've ever seen! And worst of all, they were playing it on a bus, so I had nowhere to go but listen to the dated "humor" of the writers...
28 Days Later, Not that the movie was bad, but I really didn't like the lead character. I was hoping he was gonna be killed somewhere in there. His whole going from a weakling to killing off the Soldiers didn't fly right with me. So i guess if the whole point of the movie was to get you to hate the lead character, they did a great job.
How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Not the cartoon I loved the cartoon but the real life one with Jim Carey. This is a children's movie for crying out loud, and they turn the Grinch into some kind of sexpot. The movie overall was horrible and didn't really convey any type of Christmas meaning or spirit. What a bad influence to kids ><
the village!! a show with no meaning..
I think I already said in some post around:

... and I love "28 days later". hahaha Wink
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