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What is the Ottawa Senators doing????

So today Ottawa fired GM John Muckler. I am posing the question why would they do such a thing?

Muckler has brought them great success and this year a spot in the finals. Why does he deserve to loose his job? He is a very smart hockey person and has years of proven success. Strange that after a year like the Senators had, Muckler would be fired.

I heard a good theory on the radio. Muckler likes Europeans', Murray like's Canadians. Melnyk likes Canadians. See the connection? If that is the case it is a total slap in the face to Muckler. I hope he gets hired elsewhere and knocks the sens out next year.
As quoted Muckler stated that he intended to return for the final year of his contract and had no desire to leave.
Muckler, a five-time Stanley Cup winner with the Edmonton Oilers, joined the Senators in June of 2002.

After another solid regular season that saw the team compile a record of 48-25-9, the Senators finally shook the label of playoff chokers by reaching the Stanley Cup final with a roster Muckler helped build.
Muckler could've possibly had a sour relationship with the team owners. This move will hopefully pay off for the Sens, seeing how Murray has had some success being a GM in the past. May I remind you that this guy was the GM of the Ducks when they reached the finals for the first time? He was also named executive of the year in 1996 as the GM of the Florida Panthers. That year the Panthers also made it to the finals. I think this move will be a successful one for the Sens as they approach closer to a Championship berth. Yes, I really despise the Sens being a Leafs fan, but hey, let's bring the Stanley Cup back to Canada!!!
The rumour floating around Ottawa is that Melnyk wanted Muckler to get Gary Roberts and he didn't, so that played afactor in Muckler getting the boot.

I think they also wanted Murray as GM because it was Murray who helped build the Anaheim team that won this year. I guess they are hoping he can do the same with this team.
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