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Is my signature offensive? EDIT: resolved

The World is Yours
I have recently gotten a complaint about my signature, and figured I would ask everyone. I put it there to show that people that argue on-line are stupid. I am a member of over 20 forums on the www (other screennames are Phatty420, Slim420) and have the same sig on all of them! Some of them are busier than these forums (Ubuntu forums) and some are not. This is the first time I have had any complaints (2 of them so far). If someone can give me a MATURE response, that it actually offends them (not someone they know, or could find it offensive) I will definetly change it. If you don't think it's defensive then post also, I will need all the support I can get.
I wouldnt say it's offensive as much as it is overused and just plain dumb.

I've volunteered at the Special Olympics before, and it's not really even a competition, its basically a field day.

Secondly, not all the people who partake in these event's are what people consider to be "retarded" most are pretty cool people that you can hold a reasonable conversation with... and much smarter than some of the douchebags that use the line in your signature.

I'm by no means saying your a douchebag... on that note.
Given that you've replaced the "retarded" with mentally disabled the only thing that offends me is how you're trying to make a PC insult. It's still insulting but in an almost ironic way.

Seriously though, I don't find it offensive. :p

Regardless, there are bound to be some that do. There always are.
The World is Yours
I appreciate you not calling me a douchbag Confused . The whole point of the signature isn't attacking the special olympics, as it is using it as an analogy. Nowhere does it say that I dislike mentally or physically handicap people (my own father is both). So if everyone could look past the surface at read what it means then I feel there would be no more misunderstandings!!!!!!
hehe, sorry, I seriously wasnt trying to say anything mean about your character personally.

I just never really got the phrase. I always took it as comparing people who do stupid things to those who are retarded... which I guess is the point? I dunno.

It could also be taken that arguing online is stupid and pointless, which I guess, the Special Olympics are, but they still help a lot of people out.
The World is Yours
yes thats what its saying.....Arguing online is stupid even if you win the argument. I'm not talking about mature disagreements, or conflicts of opinion. I am talking about people that start sh*t for no reason, or say offensive things for no reason (like a "I'm better than you" reply). Those people are retarded. Now i just said it without a reference to the special olympics, is that politically correct?
Well it looks like you already changed it!
If as the topic states, the matter is resolved...then this topic can be -closed-.
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