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Apache (BIG PROBLEM) need help IMPORTANT!

Ok I have tried and tried to get around this, but for the last time, this has screwed me over, and now im just mad, after putting days in (some of 24 straight) trying to get this to work, and i turns out, when the php script first makes the folder, and copys the files i need inside the folder and creates a file, everything works just fine.... however, because the php script made the files, they are all owned by apache... and when the php script trys to replace the files it made with new ones... it cant!!!!!! because apcahe ownes this! How can I make it so apach does not own them??

AND PLEASE dont say go to my direct admin panel and set it manuly, this is NOT an option, the whole point of this is so users can modify their info in real time. right after they make their folders.

so please I need to know this, this is VERY important, is there some .haccess or w/e its called command i can put so apache dosnt own them by default, or some cron job ANTHING, this is very important and need to know fast.
Are you sure the problem is because Apache owns the files? The php script is running under Apache itself, so shouldn't have any problems editing files owned by Apache. Maybe it's due to the file/folder permissions?
hmm i see what the problem is, apaches is owning all the files, but i needed to do some tests, so i changed the permissions of one of the folders back to me, so that I may place files in it, ... but it was only 755 (for security reasons ) and I guess because apache was no longer owner it cant wright to it.. so i 777 it, and it still didnt work.....

after about 3 hours of debugging, it turns out one of the files in there, was not apaches, and when 1 part of the script woudlnt work, it made the rest fall apart...

so basically im not going to be able to debug these folders,(as i cant write to them, and if i make it so i can, the scripts fail...which kills the point of testing) but thats fine as long as i got this working now... *sigh* apache really makes things hard to deal with in some ways.. but what can you do .. lol,

anyway thanks for responding bondings, and sorry for the waste of time =(

but on a side note, is there any type of cron job that can be run every now and then to regain ownership?
logically speaking, the php script should work, can you give a part of the code snippet so that we can check the code
It has nothing to do with my code, it is apache owning the files that makes everything troublesome,
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