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want to build an ecommerce site

I requested a free hosting and i am granted with one.
Now In the cpanel under fantastico i have option of pre scripts with various ecommerce options. I have no idea about this so please any developer here if they can guide me on how to build the store It would be of great help.
I have prepared my pages of product through frontpage , as it is the only thing I am aware of. I am not aware of php and cgi scripting though I have downloaded loads of scripts not knowing what to do next.
I am running out of time so please help me.
if you are a newbie to this i suggest you install mambo, design your site on it...then use mambo-phpShop which is very easy to use.
I will try that too, thx a lot.
Hi ,
I have installed oscommerce as i had read it is superior and much more easier than any open source ecommerce programs.
Now the thing is I was able to figure out that I had to go to and then login to get to the admin panel. I've opened every link and have clicked around making little changes here and there. This is pretty straight forward.

I've removed all categories and added my products now i want to make changes in the the index page change text, add new text pages, remove the language menu, modify the template, etc etc.

Ok, I'm not a total moron but I have no idea where to start. I don't know php or mysql although I know html. I'm sure there are some good ideas in these posts, and I've been reading them here and there. The thing is when I want to do something specific it's hard to find out what to do.

I know I can probably do this myself.

Is there someplace or some document I can download/view and read for someone like me? Like, OS Commerce for dummies or something? I can follow step by step instructions. I know the answer is out there. I'm just having trouble finding it. I went to oscommerce site and tried to download the documentation but it was unable 2 do so @ that moment.

Someone point me in the right direction?
If Anyone can solve my follwing problems I am facing currently I would be grateful.

1. I have uploaded my products. in my site through admin panel.
How do I change the Index page.

2. While testing my site When i try to register or login the following message occors:
The Connection To has been terminated unexpectedly. Some data may have been transferred. Is this error forhosting site or for oscommerce Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Question
I hope I will get solution to my queries here.
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