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Myth II: Soulblighter (and the Fallen Lords)

I feel I have to give this great game a great old rant,

In 1997 Myth: the Fallen Lords was released by Bungie Corporation. It was an inventive game in most areas, labelled as a tactical squad-based strategy game it was nothing like the Command and Conquer or Warcraft series (up to that time) or their clones but still attracted a good deal of those players, as well as some rpg gamers (mainly from the Diablo games). The game had an epic solo-player campaign but the game really shone when played with several other players. This could be done either going on a Local Network, or by way of Bungie's own, free, gaming server; Bungie.Net.

A year later, in fall '98, Bungie released Myth II: Soulblighter, the sequel to the Fallen Lords (awarded Game of the Year) and it to was a success. The game played a bit differently, and a few players stayed on The Fallen Lords until it became clear that most of the fan-base was moving to Myth II. A huge part of the games' success was due to its multi-platform availability, the games were released for both PC and mac at the same time, and with most of Bungie's fanbase being mac-users this will surely have affected sales. Several tournaments have been held by, and for, the Myth community with the most popular ones being the Myth World Cups (created and envisioned by Butcher, a player of the community and free-lancer at Bungie). The first MWC was played during the summer of 1998, on Myth: the Fallen Lords, with 80 teams of up to 16 members competed for the 'Cup.
In 1999 and 2000 and 2001 the MWC was played on Myth II with 96, 94 and 67 teams respectively. The MWC 2001 would come to be the last Cup played on Bungie's own gaming server as the Myth franchise was sold off to Mumbo Jumbo and the Bungie.Net (the gaming server closed down). In the wake of Bungie.Net's closing two community created/serviced gaming servers opened; Marius.Net maintained by members of the Clan Plaid and a few months later PlayMyth.Net organized by a member of the community named Blades Oliva. (Both servers are opened to this day on and respectively).

In 2003 the first MWC to be played on a non-Bungie server was opened. The games were played on the playmyth server and due to a great loss of players only 32 teams were signed up.
This was followed up by the MWC 2004 where 36 teams competed for the Cup, and the following two MWC's (2005 and 2006) saw 30 and then 32 teams compete for the cup.

This year the decline of players is even more showing, which is a shame because the game(s) Myth TFL and Myth II are still alone in their style of play. The pure strategy games, franchises like Warcraft and more recently the Dawn of War series, has seen a development closer to the Myth series but there are still not one that has adopted the play of the Myth series. It's scary when you actually think about how long it took for these games to impact the way strategy games were played and just how revolutionary the Myth series was.
The MWC 2007 is set up at and sees somewhere between 20-24 teams competing for the honours. Some say this is the last 'Cup to be played. Later this year the series sees its ten-year anniversary, I say it's pretty damned amazing how the game has been able to stay alive for this long!

Swing on by for more information and a start-off point for a great gaming experience![/i]
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