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What happend to "Aol keyword ____ "

I remember about 10+ years ago, whenever a tv commercial or something had an add, they would give a website or "aol keyword food" or something like that... however, you never hear this anymore... ist it even around still... just wondering, does anyone even remember this.. or heck, did anyone ever even use them, i didnt.
It more than likely went the way of the times....used to much bandwidth, lack of use, etc..

This is a rather pointless topic, but lets see if someone can come up with a real answer before it gets shutdown (I'm rather curious myself about what happened to it).
yeah dont shut it down yet, this wasnt made for points or spam, these are real questions that i was wondering myself, mainly, if anyone ever even used them in the first place.
for the handful of old ladies that still use AOL, keywords still exist.

Just like free dial-up internet with banner ads, they don't seem to exist anymore solely because they aren't a selling point anymore. It's old technology.

It's still there, just not that special anymore.

CLose this junk!! WHAM!

I didn't the question if we personally used it.... nope, never had aol!

Case closed, no need to call Matlock/Perry Mason/Cagney and or Lacey.
It got old, it was annoying and just..yea.
It is no longer fashionable to advertise AOL keywords, since the better companies have their own websites, and the members of the buying public are now savvy enough to visit REAL websites instead of AOL keywords (even though a number of them still aren't smart enough to ditch AOL as their ISP).
heh i used AOL internets a while back (actually, only 5 years ago I was still AOL dialup). Huh, I remember the AOL keyword thing, but never realized when they phased it out.

Before I had ever heard of firefox, I used to mentally debate whether I'd use the AOL browser or IE...
I think the problem is that search engines got better. So whereas before someone typed in a word, you couldn't always find the website you were looking for. AOL Keywords gave I guess a smaller database, so when you typed in that word, you were more likely or, in fact, guarenteed to find what you were looking for. But after search engines got better, you could just use those to find what you were looking for just as easy. AOL Keywords became redundant and not any more effective than just Google or Yahoo. So it just became pretty useless.

Much to the angst of the world over, I'm sure.
I've never used AOL... thankfully. I remember hearing about it, but I didn't and still don't understand the appeal. Best to move on.
It's dead now- its more simple to google stuff up Very Happy
I will go with what other people have said before--that it has become phased out. I remember that I never understood how to do the American Online keyword thing, since I never had the AOL internet service working in my household (I have always had something else). I think I tried to input the keyword into the main searchbox on the AOL site, but it ended up just treating the word as if it were a normal search query.

I think this kind of shows what kind of direction the internet has been moving towards in the past ten years. It seems to be easy enough to find something without a commercial of some sort pointing you in the right direction via a search engine.
It's called Google. Razz
I think AOL keywords came from a time when people wanted to use the internet, and didn't have a clue about how to use it. AOL tried to wrap it all in a nice warm fuzzy outer so that anyone could get started - and people used the AOL keyword so that customers didn't have to cope with things like URLs or search engines. But now, three-years-olds can Google... need I say more?
My first internet service was AOL which was DA bomb till i got high speed now that is DA bomb, plus i never used the keyword thing I used yahoo or ask then found good and converted Very Happy I never notice that before but yea i remember the AOL keyword phrases kinda drove me nuts.
I think this was a way people without internet could get a free trial of the internet by supplying a password and dialing a number on the modem (in the days before braodband). In the UK at any rate we used to get literally flooded with CD's for AOL which offered a free 1-month trial - those CD's always had a password - usually 2 ordinary dictionary words put together with a hyphen stuck on them.
Ah, yes - the inundation of AOL CDs: Spam for the real mailbox instead of email.

If nothing else, whenever I would received one of those, I would thank them for adding to my collection of coasters.
I remember those days of AOL Keywords back in the 90s and early 21st century. I never understood the point of having keywords and an AOL Search Engine.

Bottom Line is AOL has been killed by the Broadband/DSL age and now very few use AOL anymore; they either get internet from Yahoo-DSL or your local cable company.
Traveller wrote:
Ah, yes - the inundation of AOL CDs: Spam for the real mailbox instead of email.

If nothing else, whenever I would received one of those, I would thank them for adding to my collection of coasters.

I use them as targets for my pellet's actually quite satisfying. Smile
Yeah, I remember the old commercials... "AOL keyword Nick" etc. Hey, I watch a lot of cartoons, alright?

I never used AOL so I wouldn't know much about it. All I know is "You've got mail!" My grandmother uses it....
raine dragon
I actually got a paperback book titled 'online homework helper' as a gift at one point in the late 90's, and it contained AOL key words, and long URLs of sites. I doubt they make the book any more considering that 95% of the things in there were either gone, or moved withing 3 months after it was printed.

But the whole AOL keyword thing never made sense to me either because I didn't have AOL.

AOL keywords only work for people with AOL. It's much more business-smart to have a universal system of finding your online presence. AOL users can go to, and so can everyone else. Key word 'Nick' is only going to work for a few people. Seems a little silly to limit your businesses potential by advertising in that way now that there are so many non-AOL choices out there.
its gone =( , just like the 90's or the early 2000's

ahh.... remember the dial - up days , then dsl , then high speed internet

and aol 1.0 =p , everything changes like that
When I was a kid and always saw those first AOL commercials, it was around a time where I had heard of the internet, but didn't really have a firm grasp on what it was. And because of AOL's advertising, I thought AOL was somehow different than the rest of the internet (like, in a good way... which was clearly wrong, heh).
since the introduction of highspeed internet and better dial up services there has been less aol subscribers and aol's continuation of their keyword comercials would only apply to such a tiny proportion of internet users it would generaly be a waste of money
when I was little my dad hated AOL for some reason... well not like outrageously. but being a kid and seeing the cool "You've got mail" commercials, i thought it was kinda interesting. I never used the Key words though. After I got into computers a lot more AOL just confused me. It never worked like I wanted it to, and they made things either so hard it wasn't worth it, or so easy it was stupid. like AIM. All you had to do was type in a Screen Name and a Password and you had yourself a login. Kids at my school started using this to figure out what was going on with certain people, play mean pranks or find out about parties they weren't supposed to be invited to and such. Cause you could take a screen name "lilly1969690" and make a new one as "lilly1696960". Unless you're looking for a difference any kid would just assume it was the same person and start talking to the person like it was their same old friend..

ok so I drag off topic a bit. in Conclusion, AOL never appealed to me. I've always used NetZero for free dial-up internet; and Google for everything "Internet Searching" wise. now they offer amazing things like Email, simple web pages, photo albums and such. It just adds to it all! I love it...
I noticed an AOL keyword only recently disappeared from the cover of NME.
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