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need any graphics or layouts?

i can do them if you want ill have some work of mine up to show if you want to know how i do but i just dont have time right now ive been going through some emotional problems right now
but ill do layouts and graphics for frih$
just let me no
oh and dont send me PM's either
The World is Yours
I am sorry to hear about your emotional problems Sad What kind of layouts/graphics can you do? Table-less layouts i hope Rolling Eyes are there any sites or any url's to any of your work? Also how much are you charging?
yea... i would really like to see your example work.. like a porfolio or something.. really hope there not have CSS made... show me a couple examples, and if your good at it, you can even design for my site ! .. its down atm for release of V2 .. so i need loads of content before it becomes

and... i really hope you come over you emotional problems soon ....

also an advise, do not start topics when you dont have time for em , like you said : "but i just dont have time right now" ...
could you mayby help me with my banner?

as you can see, i made the banner in paint lol. could you mayby make a banner that looks like this one, but more proffesional?
ok pricing
Any thing animated = 15 frih$ more than original price
One full page of a web site = 100 frih$
examples of layouts well i have only one right now sorry
but its here
88x31=50 frih$
475x70=50 frih$
120x600=50 frih$
725x300=70 frih$
heres an example of a 725x300

sorry i dont have many examples
o im sorry some of those examples arent working because i deleted the pics on accident :/
yeah i know im stupid but i promise that in a week well maybe next monday i should have some examples hopefully a lot of examples but im not really sure so if you still want a layout or some other type of graphic thing just tell me here in this forum
all PMs will be ignored!
so ha lol im just kidding
but they will be ignored!
well i cant do it....
sorry im just really busy lately
so maybe some other time
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