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Washing Food

Do you guys wash your fruits/vegs?

I'm wondering, because I just started at a store, and omg do you ever need to do it.

For us, the cashiers move the food and bag it. We also handle the money. I never thought of it before, but money is SERIOUSLY dirty. Every time I wash my hands at that place the water is tinted brown from cash&coin. Also, unless the food is wrapped, other customers will have been poking, prodding, smelling, and messing up the food before you picked it up to buy. On top of that, at OUR store, we a lot of things ourselves-- so even wrapping does not make you safe.

This is probably totally boring to most people, but I've always washed my stuff, but had a roommate who didn't, and since I'm working at this place I'm getting obsessive. XD;
I usually don't pre-pair my own fruits/vegs, however when I do... I usually dont wash them...and I know I should. However, I do always wash apples, I dont know why they are the only fruits i wash.... but they are....
im the same as m-productions however i don't even wosh apples most of the time. how ever if its for someone else and not for my self then i most likely wosh it lol
I have a passion for fruits, I eat fruits every afternoon.
Ofcourse I wash it, I dont want to get ill.
My mom always told me to wash my fruits when I was a kid so I just did it and I still do.

It is pretty gross thinking about how many other people have touched your fruit before you took it home to eat. o_O
I usually just eat whatever it is, no washing/peeling/cutting. did the whole raw foods thing for a while.

I'm not dead *shrug*
McDucque wrote:
I usually just eat whatever it is, no washing/peeling/cutting. did the whole raw foods thing for a while.

I'm not dead *shrug*

raw food thing?... you cooked your meat right...?
m-productions wrote:
McDucque wrote:
I usually just eat whatever it is, no washing/peeling/cutting. did the whole raw foods thing for a while.

I'm not dead *shrug*

raw food thing?... you cooked your meat right...?

Well, in that time I was vegetarian... assuming I had access to someplace nice, which in florida, there's by no means anyplace that good.. you could get some meats edible raw.

You dont just go down on a tray of ground chuck.
I always wash my fruits and veggies, who knows who was handling them before they got to the store....or what pesticides may have been sprayed on them.
My mom washes fruits/veggies before we eat them. I also wash apples before I eat them. Just a habit she instilled in me. But yeah, I don't even want to think of how many people with dirty hands touched that fruit/those veggies before it got to my house. Shocked
Yeah, I basically always wash stuff that I get unless my mum has already washed it.
It'd be pretty stupid not to wash them. A fly could have peed on them or something.
Uhh yeah I wash nearly everything I can before I eat it.
+I wash my hands before I eat.
I always wash my fruit and veggies.
It's an habit i've learned when i was a little kid Smile

Also washing my hands before eating!

I think it really is no bull**** 'cause of the fact i've not been sick for a period of seven years!

Edited by Vrythramax...Please watch your language.
Nah, for me it's very seldom that happens. Don't know why, actually, for I can spend a
long time cooking my meals, so it's not laziness. I'm also aware of the load of chemicals
often on them, but not to paranoid about that issue. I simply belive that what ever
sickness we get are a part of the evolutionary path we created for ourselves.
Perhaps a bit 'what ever'-attitude, but a life spent worrying isn't much of a life, right?
I was mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, but that's about it.

I was mushrooms because they're grown in horse poo.

I wash cherry tomatoes because they come in that little package and it's so easy!

But pretty much everything else I don't bother with. My philosophy: it's never killed me before, so why worry now?

So yeah. Vive immune systems, I suppose.

Now I want a salad.
you should wash your vegetables. but depends where you're living. if you plant your own veggies, i guess you can see if it needs to be washed or not. if you buy your veggies, it's best to wash it no matter what..
PatTheGreat42 wrote:
...But pretty much everything else I don't bother with. My philosophy: it's never killed me before, so why worry now?

I think it safe to assume you have never been killed by a bus while crossing the street before either. Seems a little caution could actually save your life.
Vrythramax wrote:
PatTheGreat42 wrote:
...But pretty much everything else I don't bother with. My philosophy: it's never killed me before, so why worry now?

I think it safe to assume you have never been killed by a bus while crossing the street before either. Seems a little caution could actually save your life.

So true.
I wash all friut and vegetables even if it is something that I plan to peel. Too many hands and other things have touched it.
Yes, I'm always wash fruits and vegetables after I bought it, before put them to the refrigerator ^^
Yea i wash it not because i am a germ freak only because i grew up doing that. I also been to some store that spray there veggies & fruit with a liquid that keeps the bugs off them such as fly,moths,bees etc. I also inspect them when they get some just to make sure there is no extra some thing Very Happy you never know Laughing
i dotn rly wash my fruits and stuff. i duno y but i dont rly like to wash them before i eat them. i dont think that's necessary.but my mom grew up washing fruits. so whenever she comes to my hosue, she'd always request that i washe every piece of fruit that has ever came into my house. i mean seriously. its not like they grow this stuff in mud or anything. they say that they grow this stuff in florida and mexico and they transport it back to the USA to sell. i mean if they grow fruits like oranges in Florida, its worth trusting. Right?
Yes, you should wash your friuts and veggies if you are going to eat any part of it on the outside. (Oranges, bannanas, and melons, for example, do not need to be washed, because you don't eat the outside.)

Always wash them immidiately before eating, because many kinds of fruit and veggies will rot much faster if they are wet.
Captain Fertile
Despite being a chef for many years I don’t usually wash fruits and vegetables for my own consumption with the possible exception of potatoes coated in soil and most lettuce (especially the lose leaf varieties). When I was a chef I used to wash most fruits and vegetables for customers.

Cross contamination from handling money and food is a problem; so much so many stores have one person to handle the food and a separate person handling the money.
We always wash fruits and vegetables because like everyone said who knows who touched them and what they touched before they got to the thing Shocked .

Also washing it takes off the dirt and dust or whatever other stuff there could be on it Smile Razz
I tend to wash most of my foods before making a meal. Not fanatic about it and I tend to be less careful about stuff that is getting cooked vs. stuff eaten raw.

I think the main reason I rinse my veggies is because of something that happened when I had a large garden. I noticed that a head of broccoli I had just rinsed had a worm-like bug, exactly the color of the broccoli, crawling out of it. That was AFTER I rinsed it.

I know, I know. We eat loads of bug parts and insect poo all the time. I've even eaten grubs and insects intentionally (survival training and on various vacations). I'm not particularly worried from a health stand's just that if I'm gonna snarf a bug, I want to know about it ahead of time. Wink
I like to eat wet fruit... so I offen wash them even they washed before...
I always wash vegetables and fruits. For me from my childhood it's the fist and important rule of hygiene. I do not want to get ill and catch some bacteria s...
ocalhoun wrote:
(Oranges, bannanas, and melons, for example, do not need to be washed, because you don't eat the outside.)

I eat the outsides of my oranges, bananas, and melons...

It's where all the good stuff is.
Yeah I wash my fruits and veggies. It's only because I'm weird Shocked
eh.... i think it's quite a silly topic.. maybe it's due to cultural differences and shopping methods of different countries. i know in the supermarkets in some countries like the US, the vegetables and friuts are washed and packed well. So there is no need to wash before cooking or eating. However in our city, Hong Kong, well, if you don't wash for several times before consumption, i think you will get sick after.... i've never imagined that i can eat those vegetables directly..... so many dirts, even worms....
Of course you have to wash them, heaven knows how many chemicals were sprayed on them to prevent parasites or how many flies sat on them >.>
So it takes only a minute to was, but what's that compared to some hepatitis or worse?
If anybody else has touched the part of the fruit which I am going to eat then of course I wash it. Particularly during the winter when there are a lot of colds and influenza about. Bananas and oranges, though, don't need washing - unless you eat the skins!
I have a kid now. So I've seen him and his friends wander the produce aisle at face level... that means sneezing level.
You bet I wash my food. With soap.
I don't always wash fruit that I just picked off a tree, but I rinse most of my own garden stuff to remove things like sand and compost.

Stuff from the grocery store, you better believe I wash it. Even things like lemons and limes, because the peels frequently end up in my tea, or being grated for a recipe. Better safe than sorry... have you ever gone to a citrus grove and seen signs that say "Employees must wash hands?" I didn't think so. Ewww.

I actually scrub some store-bought veggies and fruits with soap, like cucumbers, for example. I don't much care to eat the thin coat of wax they have on them to make them shiny and pretty. I know it's probably harmless, but the idea just doesn't appeal to me.
Washing food and fruits? For me, it is a must. Call me a clean freak or anything, but it is hygiene that matters most. That is because I study biotechnology, therefore somehow subconciously feel that most of the things around me have lots of bacteria on them. Sad
You have to wash almost every fruit or veggies after you buy them from the supermarket or the farm.
lol corey, dont worry, they're just germs. They can't kill you... in theory
Hm, I wash some food, but not all. Mostly apples.
Yes, I do.. I always wash fruits and vegetables before eating
I wash everything really carefully. Vegetables and fruits came from trees or plants, where soil is around, and I don't want to eat soil.
kevin briggs
It's a good idea to wash fruit and vegetables before you eat them to ensure that they are clean, and that bacteria that might be on the outside are removed.

If a vegetable or piece of fruit is especially dirty, washing might not be enough to get it clean, so then you could peel it. For example, carrots sometimes need scraping or peeling to remove soil.
You should wash your food. Unless it's organic it is also covered in a bunch of pesticides and crap like that....
I'm a bit lazy with it, but it is probably really important.
Ofcourse I wash 'em. People use huge amount of different cemichals on fruits, so that they last longer. Think what they could do to you if they get into your stomach.

Even animals, like raccoons wash their food so its kinda funny to see the top-1 character from the food chain (=human) to die becouse of stomach diseases.
I just rinse vegetables and fruits shortly. Then in my mouth it goes!
Edit: Whoops, accidental double post. Sorry!
It's interesting to see the two different reasons people wast their fruit & veg! A lot of people have said about soil and worms and things, but I'm really not bothered at all by that - I grew up on a farm and know a bit of garden soil probably won't do you any harm...

However, I really anal and wash all my fruit and veg for the other reason people have said: the pesticides and general shop handling, airbourne bacteria and the like - urrgghh!! I admit it, I'm a bit of a clean freak and will always, always wash because of that Smile

I always wash them before start eat them. If I didn't do that, I'll get a stomachache.
yahh..i wash before i eat vegetbles,and fruits
I always wash fruit like apples and pears and other "thin-skined" fruits, before I eat them (if I eat them with the skin on Razz)

This is for me one of those "habit-kind-of-things" that you get tought by your parents when you're little Smile

I must agree that money is really dirty stuff. I often don't think about it, but it really is Exclamation
Yes, absolutely. I always wash fruit and vegetable.
meet in rio
I rinse most of my vegetables through, but I'm not obsessive about it. I've never heard of anyone dying from unwashed broccoli. Besides - I'm cooking the stuff: very little is going to survive the frying pan.
My mum have always ignored that it's good to wash fruits and vegetables. Of course she wash it if it really needs to get washed. Myself I always try to wash fruits and vegetables that comes from the shop. Apples and pears that we have in the garden I eat as it is. even if I find it on the ground. I only look at it to see that it is a good one and take away parts that are not good.
I wash always fruits and vegetables before eating.
Yes - I wash it with a product called VEGGIE WASH. You can find it here:
Washing the fruits is probably a good idea but do you think all the pesticides get washed off too?
what kind of idiot doesn't wash their fruits or vegetables before eating them??

I always wash them in warm water, not to warm if its salads because they wilt. if you want to wash them before you but them in the fridge just make sure there well dried or they will get mushy.
I don't wash my fruits and veggies as well as I should. I generally just scrub them with plain water with my *clean* hands...but I don't use soap, because somehow I always manage to not wash it all off! And a soapy apple just does NOT taste good, believe you me.
Common sense tells me to wash all fruit (and salad vegetables like tomatoes) before I eat them. At least the ones which I eat the skins of (I don't eat banana or orange peel).
I always wash them because it is likely that they have pesticides on them that need to come off.
Why wouldn't you wash veggies and fruit?
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