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American Psycho

I just watched this movie... very disturbing. I mean, it was fascinating but now I'm confused.

can anybody tell me what exactly was the point of this movie? that there is no point?? is it all one big psychotic hallucination or am i missing something here?

10x in advance for your answers...
What do you mean the point? It is just showing you a sick and twisted individual. That is the point. It is actually a comedy to a degree if you can believe that. It is poking fun at the yuppie business man and show you how fake they are.

This move was shot in Toronto, Canada and there was a big outrage and protest over it being shot because the book the movie was based on was loosely based on a true story and many people did not want it made, but never really understood the meaning behind it as a satire, not a horror movie.
Seen it.. It was confusing but interesting. lol
The movie was really something for its time, and it was an earlier role for Christian Bale, whos just awesome now.

When it comes to the theme of the movie, well, it's based on a book of the same name.

Like a lot of people say when it comes to any adaptation, the book was better. Inasmuch as how it actually went into why he does most of the things he does.
come to think of it, at some points this movie really was so absurd that it really was a bit funny. but in the end i thought to myself... all of this and there still ain't a point? very disappointing, in my opinion.

BTW: about adaptations, one of the wittiest movies I've ever seen (one of my personal top 3) was "adaptation". I don't know if it's based on a book but there's no possible way the book could have been better than the movie Smile
I've never seen it, but it looks good.
Another movie for people who like to hate the Americans. I think it's a little bit exaggerated.
American Psycho was a great movie to watch. 8)

The fuzz about the business cards, the character played by Christian Bale was just such a narcissist.

He was perfect for that role.
I love this film.........It's totally crazy but still cool! Rolling Eyes
This is really one of the greater movies. I think canadol did a good job at explaining the "point"
I love this movie, It's like a crazy Infomercial. I was kind of confused at the end though. was he hallucinating, or was he really the other guy?
I just watched this movie yesterday and personally I thought it was a bit odd. My reason being because I didn't think there was a point. I really didn't understand the whole thing about the business cards either... my brother said Patrick was just jealous? But I don't understand because they mostly just looked the same anyway. I thought some of the movie was good because of the psycho part of it... but it wasn't too gruesome. The movie only has a few scary parts in it, actually I wouldn't even call them "scary"... just a little blood. I thought the movie was supposed to be about some psycho serial killer. That is what I had hoped for. I really didn't think the movie was all that good and I probably would have enjoyed the book better, which is ironic for me because I hate reading.
The business card part was just to make fun of society and how some people can actually obsess over the stupidest little thing, in this case business cards. Do you actually think there are people out there that think this way? If there is they are probably crazy, just like Patrick Bateman was. The cards all look the same on purpose, that is the point.

Think a little out of the box on this one and you will enjoy it more
I think it is a pretty good movie. I like the ending. Dont wanna spoil it for anyone, but better watch it once more Smile
McDucque wrote:
and it was an earlier role for Christian Bale, whos just awesome now.

Isn't he? I really can't think offhand of a bad film that Bale has been in. He absolutely made both the Prestige and the Machinist.

Has anyone seen The Rules of Attraction, which has links to American Psycho. Based on a book by the same author and featuring the brother of Bateman from American Psycho. Also told in a funny off-kilter style and another great film.
I understand as a critic for the yuppie generation. Not only US (but mainly, since it's an american originated "movement"); there was a yuppie generation here in Brazil too.
That's all and enough for me to like the movie.
Who thinks American Psycho is bit like 'A Clockwork Orange', I do.

They both have very twisted individuals Wink

and very strange 'themes' as it were
This is an absolutely fantastic movie, and one that, although not a great deal seems to happen, is still a rivetting watch. Christian Bale gives a top notch performance and is just so strangley deranged against the bland 80's business world setting that you can't help but be drawn to see what he'll do next. It's also wickedly funny too - the business card scene cracks me up even on repeated viewings.

I have a full review of this movie over at my Filmjournal page.
DEFINITELY. The business card scene is the best! And the chainsaw scene too!
DEFINITELY. The business card scene is the best! And the chainsaw scene too!

YES! Loved the chainsaw scene... couldn't stop laughing.

I actually liked this movie a lot... I like that it didn't seem to have a plot because it gets your mind working, unlike some that spell everything out for you. It's just a thought provoking end. Smile
the whole movies falls in significance of imagery.
the ending was definitely berserk, was he truly crazy or was there a conspiracy behind it?
i believe its the latter, too many loopholes to prove that he's crazy. LOL
i can't really remember the film though because it was a long time since i've caught it.
Christian bale's acting was undeniable though, i can feel his passion for acting because i couldn't find a trace of him at all. His performance was all about the character, it didn't felt like he was acting at all.
A truly stellar performance.

i wonder if anyone caught velvet goldmine, a movie that starred 3 of the best english actors, ewan mcgregor, jonathan rhys meyers and of course, christian bale.

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